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7 Reasons to go to Switzerland right now!
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7 Reasons to go to Switzerland right now!

1. Chillon castle

Photo by Andrea Caramello

The famous castle from Byron’s poem is not just a part of the poet’s imagination. If you decide to visit the world-famous fortress on the shores of Lake Geneva, you could see an amazing view. There you could feel like a noble knight or a beautiful lady! Luxurious ducal chambers, magnificent halls and interiors will take you to the atmosphere of the 15th century, and dark casemates will arouse the horror sensations! An additional bonus will be the enchanting beauty of the view of the lake and the Alps from the castle tower.

2. Chapel Bridge Kapellbrücke

Bridge in Switzerland
Photo by Geertje Caliguire

Perhaps one of the most beautiful and romantic places in Lucerne. A 204 meters long bridge connects the old and new quarters of the city, stretching across the River Reuss. Wooden supports, sod-covered roofs, flower garlands along the railing – here you want to wander endlessly! While you walk, take a look at the paintings hanging on the bridge, that represent the most important events in Swiss history, and you will learn a lot of interesting things.

3. Rhine Falls

Rhine Falls
Photo source:

Did you know that in Switzerland is a waterfall that could be at the level with the famous Niagara? Yes, the Rhine Falls (by the way, the largest in Europe!) is 23 meters high and 150 meters wide, it makes big bubbles of foam with a beautiful rainbow blooms above them. You can admire this waterfall from the viewing terraces, and the most courageous can feel with their skin the full force of the elements, descending to the viewing platform in the heart of the raging water mass!

4. Lake Zurich

Lake Zurich
Photo by Rico Reutimann

It is another natural pearl of Switzerland. The crystal water of the lake surrounded by picturesque villages, castles and cathedrals stretch – this place is truly magical!  By the way, you could admire the beauties of Lake Zurich from an old boat or a water bus, which slowly takes you along the lake.

5. Mount Pilatus

Mount Pilatus, Alpnach, Switzerland
Photo by FUTC

All the splendor of Swiss nature, put together – this is how you can say about Mount Pilatus. Massive rocky peaks, snow-capped peaks, and wooded slopes, as well as beautiful sunrises and sunsets, it will conquer you at first sight and forever. If you climb the mountain, you will admire the views of the Swiss Alps. You can climb by the cable car, or using the steepest railway in the world, or … on foot (the whole journey takes about 4-5 hours).

6. Valley of Waterfalls

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland
Photo by Tim Trad

This magical place is hidden in a secluded valley among the mountains, in the city of Interlaken, it is nestled between two mountain lakes. The uniqueness of this place is that the several waterfalls fall down from a dizzying height – one is more beautiful than others. The handsome Staubach, whose 300 meters long foamy cascade, it is unique in that they are located inside the mountains, and the roaring glacial giants – you will be in love with this place!

7. Jungfrau Railway

JungfraujochPhoto source:

If you are one of the greatest climbers, then there is a place for you! It is enough to take the yellow train of the Jungfrau (the highest in Europe!) – and the Bernese Alps are at your feet. There are a lot of things that await you: unforgettable views of alpine glaciers and emerald mountain slopes, rocky peaks in snow caps and picturesque alpine villages.