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7 of the Best Airports to Have Connecting Flights
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7 of the Best Airports to Have Connecting Flights

Connecting flights are not a problem for us. What should I do if the next flight is in a few hours? The top of the most interesting airports will show us that we can spend the most cheerful time. Nowadays, free WI-FI doesn’t amaze anyone, so many airports have decided to transform waiting rooms into real amusement parks.

1. Singapore Changi Airport

SingaporePhoto by Darren Nunis

For more than a year, this airport is named the best in the world. Here, even all the amusement are amazing. If you are lucky to be there, the time will pass very quickly. In Changi, it is the largest kinetic art object in the world – falling aluminum drops. It is also very fascinating to have a botanical garden, a sunflower garden, cactuses, and even orchids, a strange fish pond, and rooms with rare butterflies. On the roof of the airport, we can find a swimming pool and Jacuzzi with excellent views.  In two terminals are free cinemas.

2. Seoul Incheon Airport

Unseo-dong, Incheon, South Korea
Photo by Shawn Ang

Incheon will surprise you with the presence of a golf course and 7 gardens with trees and different plants. Also, there is the Museum of Korean Culture, where you can learn more about South Korea if you could not visit Seoul. A real surprise for passengers is the presence of an ice rink, where you can skate with the whole family.

3. Zurich Airport (also known as Kloten Airport)

Zürich-Flughafen, Switzerland
Photo by Ferran Fusalba Roselló

This airport is perfect for passengers who like an active lifestyle and do not want to get bored while they are waiting for the next flight. The airport offers several exciting excursions for 1.5-2 hours. Firstly, this panoramic bus tour through the airport offers the possibility to see all that are happening in the airport. Secondly, a walking 2-hour excursion to all the secret rooms of Kloten. Also, there is an excellent viewing platform where you can watch how the planes take off.

4. Curaçao International Airport, Willemstad

Photo by Jordan Sanchez

Many people don’t understand why this airport (or rather its location) is attractive for connecting flights, but this is the best option if you fly from Europe to Central / South America, and vice versa. The advantage is that the airport is located on the outskirts of the capital of the island of Curacao – Willemstad, and is very close to the downtown and the famous Caribbean beaches!

5. Franz Josef Strauss International Airport, Munich (MUC)

Munich, Germany
Photo by Reiseuhu

This airport offers a fascinating excursion. The 12-kilometer long busy route includes a visit to airport terminals, hangars, runways, fuel depots and many rooms with the inscription   “Personnel only”. In addition, you can see the largest aircraft in the world – Airbus A380. The duration of the tour is usually 1-1.5 hours (from 8:30 to 17:30) and is held throughout year. The most impressive is that you can to surf at the Munich airport!

6. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Photo by Luis Efigenio

Schiphol can be named one the most “educated”, it is ideal for everyone who wants to read a book or listen to music during the connecting flights, and forgot his favorite book / player at home. There is a real library with a lot of books and films, with a fireplace, plaids. The library includes books in more than 30 languages, so every passenger will find for himself a good book to read.

7. Dubai International Airport

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Photo by Ashim D’Silva

Especially in Dubai is the largest mall in the world, apparently, the UAE authorities decided to turn into a huge mall even the airport! The number of shops and goods is amazing. The total area of duty-free shops covers an area of 15,000 square meters. For shopaholics – this is a real paradise, where you can buy a lot of things in airport, so you can save time to shopping.


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