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CAUTION, PENALTY: 10 strange bans in different countries of the world!
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CAUTION, PENALTY: 10 strange bans in different countries of the world!

When planning a trip to a hitherto uncharted country, do not be lazy to google the bans on its territory. To do this is really worth, because without knowing the nuances you may have an unexpected expense. If in your country, by throwing chewing gum beside an urn, the maximum what you can have are disapproving glances, then in Singapore be prepared to pay $ 500 for this.
Sign StopPhoto by Bogomil Mihaylov

1. Singapore: the ban on the import and use of chewing gum 

In Singapore, if “she/he chewing gum, then very soon they will be forced to pay a considerable fine for such audacity because chewing gum is banned in this country. Moreover, not only those who try to smuggle gum into the territory of the state but also those who will brazenly chew gum in front of local law enforcement officers will be strictly punished. By law, for such actions, you will be required to ask a considerable amount of more than $ 500.

2. France: no farewell kisses!

This ban was created, most likely, only so that the public could be indignant at its absurdity and irrelevance and … boldly violate it! Ever since the Paris authorities banned lovers from kissing at train stations in 1910, in order not to make unnecessary adjustments to the train departure schedules, but lovers continue to kiss each other at train stations. Since then, the rule has not canceled, but no one also undertakes to punish for its violation.

3. Ireland: to refuse to marry

A fanatical devotion to its ancient prohibitions is shown by Ireland. Here, men were forbidden to refuse women in response to an offer to marry them! For refusing to marry,  a man has to pay a fine to the offended lady. Fortunately for men who do not want to burden themselves with marriage with a random stranger woman, this super-offer is valid only on a certain day – February 29. Probably, on this day there are no men on the streets of Dublin.

4. Belgium: the ban on snowballs 

Snow cautionPhoto by Ricardo Rocha

Fortunately for the people of Belgium, local winters are not full of snow, otherwise this season would cost them a lot of money. After all, it is difficult to keep ourselves from snowballing games. Unfortunately for them, this activity is equivalent to throwing stones. And the Belgians are fined for this kind of game – € 100 can reach the number of fines for snowballing.

5. UK: do not touch

If suddenly, you will be in the coastal waters of the UK, you want to caress an aquatic animal – try to abstain. There is a prohibition, which says that you cannot touch any mammal that swims three miles from the British coast. According to this law, all marine animals in coastal waters are royal property and touching them is unacceptable. That’s it!

6. Philippines: the ban on singing Frank Sinatra’s My Way song

Nobody passed laws regarding this prohibition, however, and to this day in many karaoke bars, you will most likely be refused the performance of the legendary hit Frank Sinatra. This is explained by the fact that the song is considered to be socially dangerous. According to the urban legend, this song became the indirect cause of at least 6 murders. Although no one will punish you for this song.

7. China: back to the future 

Back to the futurePhoto by Franck V.

The Chinese authorities decided not to joke with the strictest “butterfly effect” and prevent the possibility of such a precedent in the country. Therefore, they banned their citizens from traveling in time. So, before traveling to China do not forget to leave the DeLorean in the garage – or you will be fined. Well, seriously, this ridiculous ban applies mainly to film production on the topic of managing the space-time continuum. The Chinese can only dream of watching such movies because cinemas in China are forbidden to show this kind of movie.

8. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia: Ban on Valentine’s Day Celebrations

In 2008 in Saudi Arabia, authorities banned the sale of thematic goods. In 2017 Valentine’s Day was banned in Pakistan. This is explained by the fact that this is not a Muslim tradition, because this is bad to focus on love for someone else besides God. Indonesia made a similar decision: the government banned the idea of such a holiday.

9. Denmark: forbidden to give children strange names

In Denmark, you cannot give children strange names – the name can be chosen from the allowed list. But not everything is so bad – the list is not small and includes about 18,000 female names and 15,000 male names. But, if the original parents really want something special, then they can contact the local authority Ankestyrelsen with a request to approve their strange name.

10. Malaysia: yellow tulips – as a symbol of breakup 

In Malaysia, there is a ban on wearing yellow clothes and is quite argued. This law, adopted in 2011, appeared because of a local group of opposition activists who chose the yellow color of their movement. This led to the fact that today throughout the country even bracelets and laces of this color are not to be found on anyone.

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