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City pass or tourist map: Why do you need this?
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City pass or tourist map: Why do you need this?

Tourist Card is a real magic card for travelers who do not like just stroll through the city but want to see everything in the new city. In this article, we will explain how this card can be useful and where you could buy it.

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Tourist cards function in many of the most popular cities in the world and it helps to get a discount on transport, services and entertainment, and more. There are several types of these cards: some can specialize exclusively on public transport, others – on entrance tickets to popular attractions, and there are universal cards that open any door (well, almost).

We prepared for you some of the example about what this magic card can provide.


I amsterdam city card
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The creators of the popular tourist card in Amsterdam regularly open new options for its holders. At the moment, the card gives such bonuses:

  • Free entrance to more than 60 museums in Amsterdam (Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, 

    Stedelijk Museum and others. Full list here

  • one free cruise through the canals of Amsterdam;
  • unlimited free travel in public transport (bus, tram, metro);
  • detailed pocket map of the city;
  • discounts in restaurants, bars, theaters, cafes, etc.
  • sightseeing in the suburbs of Amsterdam (Zaanse Schans, Haarlem, Old Holland, and others)

Cost: for 24/48/72/96 hours: € 59/74/95/98

More details you can find here.

2. Berlin City Tour Card

Tourists with map
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So, with the Berlin City Tour Card, you will receive a map of the city with program partners noted on it (where you can get a discount of 15%), as well as an intended route to the main attractions. The card will be a great helper for traveling with children because it is valid for one adult and children no older than 14 years.

Among the most interesting offers of the Berlin City Tour Card:

– free travel in public transport;

– discount from 15 to 50% on visiting tourist places;

– discounts in 55 establishments (shops, bars, cafes, restaurants) affiliate programs.

Cost: from 2 to 5 days – from € 17.90 to € 37.90 (depending on the number of days and options included in the package). More information you can find here.

3. The London Pass and Oyster Card

The capital of the United Kingdom prepared a lot of surprises for those who want to join reasonable savings during travel. So, among travelers arriving in London, the Oyster Card is in demand – a travel card for all types of transport.

This magic card allows you to use public transport, as well as some commuter trains with a significant discount. The card has a large number of options with different prices and options, so it is suitable for 1-2 days of use. You can find out the details and buy in the lobby of the metro, by paying a deposit, or on the website

For those who also want to save money on access to the most popular tourist destinations in the city (Westminster Abbey, Windsor, Tower), as well as get a whole set of additional bonuses, we recommend thinking about purchasing the London Pass.

For those who have already had the opportunity to use it are advised to buy the minimum version (for 24 hours) if you plan to visit only a few landmarks within the boundaries of one district. Otherwise – you can simply not have time to take advantage of all the benefits of the card. Also, discounts are often provided for the purchase of the card itself (for this you need to track the news of the official site).

London tourist map offers these benefits:

  • free access to more than 80 city sights;
  • some features of the Oyster Card;
  • 1 trip on the excursion Hop-on Hop-Off bus;
  • the fast line at the main tourist attractions;
  • extensive travel guide with helpful tips;
  • discounts on purchases and services (the constantly updated list of partners should be reviewed separately).

Cost: from 1 to 10 days – ₤ 69-239.