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Copenhagen – welcome to the capital of the happiest country in the world!
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Copenhagen – welcome to the capital of the happiest country in the world!

Here you can find everything! Delicious food, diverse architecture, hospitable people, and most importantly – comfort. The Danes call it the recipe for their happiness because very often in the bustle of a big city it is not enough comfort. Copenhagen is located on three islands. The climate is temperate with mild winters and fairly cool in summer.

Photo by Shane Rounce

From the airport to the city is easily accessible by public transport. The cheapest way is to choose an electric train (S-train)  that takes you directly to Central Station in just 15 minutes.

What about accommodation?

You have to take care in advance. It is better to choose accommodation in the center, to have access to the main attractions. So you can save more money and time for walking around the city.

Some examples of hotels:

Photo by Nick Karvounis

Elegant royal palaces, Nyhavn Embankment, where the famous storyteller Hans Christian Andersen lived, the Round Tower, which houses one of the oldest observatories in Europe, the world-famous Mermaid statue … There are many places in Copenhagen that you can and should visit. The main thing is to plan your trip correctly so that you do not lose anything.

Travel Mode On advise you to visit these amazing places:

1. City Hall Square

If you want to see the best views of Copenhagen, the Town Hall is an ideal place for this. At the top of its 105-meter tower is an observation deck, which offers a breathtaking view of the city, although to get there you will have to overcome 300 steps – there is no elevator in the tower. As well as, there is the Town Hall, the famous astronomical clock Jens Olsen, which has been running smoothly since 1955 and is considered perhaps the most accurate in the world.

2. Bath Copenhagen Harbor Baths

This public bath is one of the city beaches called Københavns Havnegade. It is located on the shores of the Öresund strait, in the region of “Iceland Brugge”, on the island of Amager. A public bath accommodates up to 600 people and consists of several pools. Here you can dive or jump from a springboard. In general, a great place to happily spend the whole day.

3. Tivoli Park

Photo by David Romualdo

A real holiday island in the middle of Copenhagen’s. Tivoli Park is one of the oldest in Europe. Being here, as if you find yourself in a fairy tale: cozy alleys, old carousels with painted horses, a leisurely Ferris wheel, offering a wonderful view of the park, music, and laughter – you do not want to leave this place.

Tip: in Tivoli, it is best to come in the evening when the illumination is turned on and the amusement park looks especially beautiful. More information about tickets and opening hours you can find here.

4. Kastellet

Few people know about this sight of the Danish capital but in vain. The fortress Kastellett is one of the best-preserved star-shaped fortresses in Europe, built in the shape of a pentagram. But unlike other similar fortifications, Kastellet is still in force: the fortress has its Commandant. You need to come here to take a walk along the shady paths, to feed the ducks, and also look at the royal guard’s equestrian exit and the old mill. There are even special barbecue areas.

The fortress is located near the monument to the Little Mermaid at Gl. Hovedvagt, Kastellet 1 and is open from 06:00 to 22:00.

5. Experimentarium

For the restless of all ages, this museum is just a godsend, because in the Experimentarium you can learn everything about modern science and technology. Guests have at their disposal more than 300 exhibits, which not only can but also need to be touched, picked up and explored.

Only here you can feel like a great scientist, conducting real chemical experiments in the laboratory or exploring the mysteries of physics. And you can imagine yourself a spy or a scout, due to lie detectors and listening devices. To arrange a tornado, create real clouds or solve the riddle of optical illusions – all this is possible in the Experimentarium.

6. Rosenborg Castle

Photo by Michele Purin

Rosenborg Castle, even if it does not impress you with its dimensions, will charm you with its uniquely peaceful atmosphere and the beautiful Royal Garden, the oldest in the country. In the castle you can see the ancient interiors, which were once the royal chambers, and, of course, a collection of the crown treasury.

Tickets price:

  • Adults – 115 kr;
  • Children (0-17 years) – Free admission;
  • Groups (min. 12 persons) – 95 kr. per. Person;
  • Students (with valid ID) – 75 kr;
  • Combined ticket Rosenborg & Amalienborg (Valid 36 hours) -160 kr.

Opening hours: usually from 10:00 to 15:00, but there are exceptions that you can see on their official website.

7. Stroget Street

Would you like to walk along the longest pedestrian street in Europe? Then you need to go to Copenhagen, because, Stroget Street is the longest and oldest in Europe. Its length is one and a half kilometers, on which are: restaurants, cafes, shops of all kinds, and also old churches, narrow streets, squares, clowns and street musicians. Here, life is in full swing 24 hours a day!

8. Mirror House

If you think that Copenhagen is exclusive houses with strict forms, then you are wrong. In the Danish capital, there is a place for creativity! A vivid example of this is the Mirror House, built in Central City Park. The facade of the house is covered with mirror panels, which reflect the surrounding landscape.

9. The Little Mermaid

Photo by Victor Malyushev

What is Copenhagen without the famous Andersen’s Little Mermaid? Thousands of tourists from all over the world come here to look at this exquisite sculpture on the Langelinie embankment. So, you should take a memorable photo of a popular heroine from our favorite fairy tale and an unofficial symbol of the Danish capital.