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Dubai: How to save money? Top 5 life hacks for you.
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Dubai: How to save money? Top 5 life hacks for you.

The United Arab Emirates is a powerful world economic center, a country of dizzying skyscrapers and the largest shopping centers, incredible amusement parks and a chic beach holiday. Holidays in Dubai can hardly be called cheap, but there are several options where you can save money. We will tell about them now.

Photo by denis harschi
For who this article is?

  • for those who are planning a trip to the UAE;
  • for those who are for the first time in Dubai;
  • for those who arrived in Dubai and saw the highest prices and still hoped to save money.

1. Transport

Renting a car in Dubai or constantly taking a taxi is quite expensive. One of the main ways to save is to use public transport. In Dubai, it is possible to travel around the city on the subway, buses, trams and water buses. All of them are modern, air-conditioned and regularly run on routes.

For greater savings and comfort, it is worth buying a Nol Card – a card with which you can pay for travel in all types of transport. Nol Card is of several types, here are the most suitable for travelers:

  • Silver Card – allows you to use all types of transport and regularly replenish the number of passages. The price – € 6.30;
  • Red Card is a card for one type of transport, it can be replenished for a maximum of 10 trips. A good option for those who do not plan to move a lot around the city. Cost – € 0.50;
  • There are also a Gold Card and a Personal Card, the conditions of which, as well as the details of the system, can be found here.

Dubai transport
Photo by Leonard von Bibra

2. The Entertainer Book

One of the most important treasures, which helps to save hundreds of dollars and which experienced travelers buy firstly, before a trip to the UAE, including Dubai, is The Entertainer Book. This is a huge book of discount vouchers in more than 3,000 institutions across the country: water parks, amusement parks, museums, galleries, excursions, restaurants, cafes, hotels, SPA-centers, shops.

Such a book weighs more than a kilogram, and using all the offers is simply unrealistic. It costs from $ 100, but this amount is much lower than they would have to spend in two days, if, for example, you go on excursions or with family to Wild Wadi or Sky Dubai parks, for which you will have discounts of 25-30% and more are provided, and sometimes visits can be completely free.

3. Free tours and entertainment

When you for the first time travel into a new city, you should get to know it well, which is well supported by sightseeing tours. In Dubai, there are many options: on buses, on water buses, individuals on cars, and there is pedestrian, which is not only cheaper but can be completely free.

There is an opportunity to get on a free daily walking tour in English in the central part of the city, lasting 2 hours (Strawberry Tours). 

A free tour through historical places of Dubai ( with fascinating stories about the history of the state. It takes place daily in English, the duration – from 1.5 hours.

One of the most popular places in Dubai, and even in the Emirates, is the largest Jumeirah mosque. The only one into which the tourists are allowed, and for them, there are daily (except Friday) free excursions lasting 75 minutes. The tour is conducted in English, it begins at 10 am.

The most famous, popular and beautiful sight in Dubai is, of course, the fountain show at the Burj Khalifa skyscraper. It is open every evening and collects hundreds and even thousands of spectators. The program starts at 18:00, small shows take place every 15 minutes. But they are not repeated, all are different, and therefore you can stay here for the whole evening because this fountain show is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. And you can admire it for free.

Dubai tours
Photo by Fredrik Öhlander

4. Dubai Card

As well as in any big tourist city in the world, in Dubai is a city card of the traveler – the Dubai Card. This is the card that provides discounts on all sights of the city (and some of them have free entry), provides free travel in all types of city transport, and also offers sightseeing tours and interesting tourist routes.

There are a lot of variations of the Dubai Card, they all differ in their duration and the number of people who can use them at the same time. The price of the Dubai Card starts at $ 105, you can learn more about their types and privileges here.

5. Free Wi-Fi

Even though most hotels and public places around the world provide their guests with free Wi-Fi, sometimes you can find an exception to this rule, including Dubai. But you will always get Smart Palms. Smart Palms began to appear in Dubai in 2015, and today they can be found on all beaches and in all parks of the city. These are modern electronic installations that distribute Wi-Fi signal free of charge within a radius of 100 meters.

The installation allows you to connect your gadgets for charging (phones, laptops, players, etc.), and the information panel on the “trunk” of the tree will tell you about the sights, the latest news in the country and in the world, cool places in the city, about the weather for the next few hours and will help get directions to the desired point.

And finally, a few rules about Dubai, which you should know:

  • You must to be careful with the garbage in public space, for a paper thrown by chance, you have a fine of 500 dirhams (€ 125);
  • never sit in a taxi without a meter, without first agreeing with the driver about the price of travel, otherwise the price at the exit can be very unpleasant for you;
  • Men should be cautious with local Arab women, because sometimes even unintentional glances, words or gestures in this harsh religious country can be understood in two ways. For that they can be fined – from 5,000 (€ 1,270) to 60,000 (€ 15,000) dirhams, and they can even arrest.

The price for accommodation: 3 * – from € 40, 5 * – from € 90.