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From Slovakia to Czech Republic: 5 cities to visit in one trip.
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From Slovakia to Czech Republic: 5 cities to visit in one trip.

An exciting journey does not necessarily have to imply a long flight to the other end of the planet, unusual culture and climate. Sometimes, it is enough to cross the border of your native country to see something new and unique that will remain in your memory forever! We offer a ride on five interesting cities: Kosice-Bratislava-Brno-Prague-Plzen. Because of their common historical past, Slovakia and the Czech Republic have maintained close ties, which greatly simplifies movement from one country to another.

By the way, the price for accommodation in all cities of the route is about the same:

  • A bed in hostel – from € 5;
  • 3 * hotel room – from € 22 for two;
  • 5 * hotel room – from € 57 for two.

1. Kosice

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In the east of Slovakia is located the city of Kosice – like a mirror image of Bratislava in the west. But this city does not look like the capital. The compact historical center, which is located a few hundred meters from the railway and bus station.

Dozens of monuments of architecture are spread over a small square of the Old Town, among them the Gothic Cathedral of Saint Elizabeth, built in the XIV century, a relatively new city theater, the Urbana Tower, where at the moment the exhibits of the Museum of Metal Jewelry are on display. Between the cathedral and the theater, there is a musical fountain – every half an hour or more often classical music plays. An interesting monument is the Plague Column, which was erected in gratitude to God for deliverance from the effects of the medieval plague.

2. Bratislava

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Located on the banks of the Danube, Bratislava cannot fight with Vienna or Budapest for the title of the most beautiful “Danube” city. But this capital has its charm – which is absent in the big metropolitan areas. Bratislava Castle is the most interesting landmark of the city. Looking from the banks of the Danube, it towers over the city and looks majestically at everything around it. In clear weather, the magnificent view of the city opens from the walls of the Bratislava Castle or its towers.

3. Brno

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When we talk about the Czech Republic, the first thing that comes to mind is the capital Prague. And many people do not know that a not less beautiful city is situated very close – Brno. If Prague doesn’t exist, this city would the cultural capital of the state. There are several good galleries (“Moravian Gallery”, “G99 Gallery”, “Cultural Center Brno”, “Cabinet”, “At the Good Shepherd”), a mysterious Capuchin monastery, Spilberk castle, Villa Tugendhat. Near the town is the beautiful Slavkov Castle, known as Austerlitz. The famous battle of Austerlitz took place here.

4. Prague

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Prague is one of the most popular tourist locations in Europe. This fact we could explain: the city is located in the center of Europe, there are several hundred interesting places for tourists, unusual urban architecture, delicious food and beer, and most importantly, everything is very cheap (by European standards). There are a lot of young people, eternal parties, a medieval atmosphere. The city is equally good both in winter and summer, which affects the constant flow of travelers. Today, Prague is in the top 10 of the most visited cities in Europe. More interesting about Prague you can read here.

5. Pilsen

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This city is famous primarily because it is the capital of Czech brewing. Here, in every restaurant or pub, you will get the freshest beer, and in the local brewery, you can taste all sorts of this drink.

But not only for this think the city is interesting, it is the 4th largest in the Czech Republic. Plzen is a very beautiful Old Town with a beautiful cathedral and castle. The Pilsen historical underground gives uniqueness – the underground city, which is a system of underground passages and labyrinths. 300-400 years ago, this dungeon served as a huge city cellar and storeroom for food storage, as well as a workshop and shelter. The big plus is that the city is located one hour from Prague.