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Game of Thrones – where season 8 was filmed?

Gaztelugatxe, San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, Spain

Fans of “Game of Thrones” are waiting for the eighth, final, season of the popular series.

It is known that in the final part will be only 6 episodes, the budget of each of which is about 15 million dollars! On the eve of the premiere, which will be held on April 14, the creators showed new images of the characters. We will show you the main locations where the ending of the most awarded series in the history of television was filmed.

1. Northern Ireland

Photo by Malte Baumann

Northern Ireland is the heart of the Game of Thrones. In Belfast, in the halls of Paint Hall Studio, most scenes from the first season were filmed. Exactly in this place, large-scale interior decorations were created, including one of the most impressive ones – the Cape of Eagles. In the eighth season, the team of the legendary series also worked most often at Paint Hall.

In the “Game of Thrones,” viewers see the amazing nature of Northern Ireland. Thus, its forests and valleys used to be the lands of the Dothraki. And in the final part, this area has become the main location for filming the northern Westeros.

Photo by Joseph Barrientos

Not far from Belfast is the Magheramorne quarry, where the scenery of the Black Castle and the Wall, which collapsed at the end of the seventh season, was created. It is said that in those parts this time Winterfell was also filmed. There, according to rumors, will be the most ambitious battle for the entire existence of the series.  This great battle was filmed 55 nights in a row.

To experience the atmosphere of your favorite series, go on a journey following the tracks of the “Game of Thrones”. You must go on a trip to the Paint Hall studio. There is absolutely real to get there. The main thing is to sign up for a month or two before.

2. Iceland

Photo by Mahkeo

The long-announced winter has finally arrived, so it is not surprising that many scenes of the eighth season were filmed in Iceland. Previously, everything that happened behind the Wall was filmed here. In the Grjótagjá cave in the northeast, the famous meeting of John Snow and Igritt took place. A thrilling battle with white walkers was filmed on the Swinefellsekull glacier (in the Skaftafell park) and on Kirkjufell mountain (Snayfellsnes peninsula).

Photo by Dave Herring

In the eighth season, the desert areas of Iceland will amaze viewers with unbelievable icy beauty. If you want to go where directors in real conditions filmed a harsh winter, you have to plan a trip to this amazing country.

3. Spain

Photo by Yoann Laheurte

In the final season in the frame will also be Spain. The final part will show the ruins of the Roman amphitheater at Santiponce. This place is located not far from Seville, where the kingdom of Dorn (the extreme southern region of the Seven Kingdoms). Moreover, the operators have created beautiful frames with the rocky island of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe – one of the most picturesque places of the Basque Country.

In the series on this location is located Dragon Stone – the ancestral castle of the House Targaryen. To the main attraction of Gaztelugatxe, a small chapel leads a long stone staircase of 237 steps. Run through them and enjoy the magnificent views. To do this, you have to fly to Bilbao! This is the most convenient way to get to the delightful island from the “Game of Thrones”.

4. Croatia

Photo by Ivan Ivankovic

In the role of the capital of “King’s Landing”, one of the most important locations, in the eighth season, the old Croatian city of Dubrovnik will perform again. Amazingly beautiful Adriatic coast, narrow cobbled streets, incredible fortresses, and castles – viewers will see all this on the screens in April. And you can admire the capital of Croatia at any time.



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