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How kings and presidents travel?
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How kings and presidents travel?

1. Royal Family, United Kingdom

Royal family
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Prince William and Kate Middleton have made several world tours in recent years. They have officially visited: New Zealand, Australia, India, Bhutan, and Canada. In all travels, the royal family is accompanied by British Royal Navy Medical Service and a small retinue of 10-20 people. At the same time in the same plane can not fly two royal monarchs, for example, Prince Charles and the Queen or Prince Charles and Prince William. This is for greater security of the crown. Prince William can be on the same plane with Prince George only before he is 12 years old. Before the trip, Buckingham Palace contacts the chefs in the countries where the monarch is going and negotiates the menu. One of the prerequisites: there must be a minimum of seasonings in the dishes so that the monarch’s breath stays fresh. By the way, the British monarchs don’t eat seafood, because it is easiest to poison.

2. Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud King of Saudi Arabia

The king of Saudi Arabia loves to travel richly: in March of 2018, he made a tour of Asia, in which he was accompanied by 1,500 retinues. The king moved on 36 airplanes with 459 tons of luggage, two Mercedes S600 limousines and two gilded escalators that were used as aircraft ramps. For the safety of the king was responsible for more than 100 bodyguards. The monarch is accustomed to luxury – in any hotel for him spread expensive Arab carpets, which carry him around the world.

3. Donald Trump, United States

Donald Trump
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In each country, there is an “Air Force One”, which transports official persons of the state. In the US, this is the Boeing VC-25A. There is a president’s office and a reception room for guests on “Air Force One”. The presidential airliner can comfortably accommodate more than 100 people. Some say that a bottle of ketchup is always stored on the plane of the current American leader, so that the president can eat his favorite dish – a steak with ketchup anywhere. The President of America is always accompanied by an impressive number of bodyguards (sometimes they occupy the whole hotel at the destination), and he only moves in an armored car.

4. Pope Francis, Vatican

Pope always travels accompanied by officials from the Vatican and his press service. On any trip, Pope Francis takes with him a small bag in which he carries a liturgical book with texts of prayers (Breviary), a notebook with a schedule of upcoming meetings, a book for reading and a razor. Even though the Pope is the head of the Catholic Church, he travels modestly, he just rents an ordinary passenger airliner from Alitalia.

5. Hassanal Bolkiah, Sultan of Brunei

Gold car
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Brunei is one of the richest people on the planet. Hassanal Bolkiah independently pilots his plane, he used to travel on a personal Boeing 747-400. All decorations from the plane cost $ 120 million. The living room, bedroom, and bathroom from the plane are decorated with precious metals and crystals… Bolkiah carries with him at least 400 retinue people.

6. Mohammed VI, King of Morocco

The King of Morocco travels around the country in a Mercedes, accompanied by a security convoy, and for foreign travel, he uses his personal Boeing 747 with a cinema and billiards on board. All the year-round in 12 royal palaces all over the country everything is ready for the host’s arrival, and regardless of the weather, the temperature is maintained at 17 degrees. Monarch owns an impressive collection of cars, including Aston Martin, Maybach, Rolls-Royce, and Ferrari.