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How to Make a Great Travel Video!
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How to Make a Great Travel Video!

The best way to share your impressions of the trip is to make an interesting, dynamic, lively travel video. If you do not know how to do this, Travel Mode ON will help you to deal with basic things. Take into account that you definitely need a strong history and high-quality technology.

To create good video content, inspire viewers and collect likes, follow these simple but effective tips.

Camera video
Photo by 2 Bro’s Media


Determine your audience

It is very important to understand for whom you will do all this. Try to answer the questions: who are your viewers? How old are they? Where are they from? And why will they watch your videos? A detailed portrait of the audience will help you choose the right style, format, presentation of the material and even the tone of speech. You will immediately understand how to reach out to people.

Get inspired before the trip

Watch videos of other travelers who filmed where you are going. Analyze the work of video bloggers, understand what was missing in their videos and make it better.

Choose locations

Write a list of places you plan to visit. With famous attractions are not so easy to surprise the audience, focus on non-tourist places. Be different!

Video content
Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia


Record a good intro and an original farewell

Come into notice in the first 15 seconds. Tell us what you show in the video, share experiences, state what you expect from the city, sights or meetings. Be yourself and talk to the camera as if with a friend who knows everything about you. Ease and naturalness – your key to success! In the end, be sure to add a call to action – preview the next issue, ask them to like the video and subscribe to you.

Tell a story and be helpful

You can shoot like Spielberg, but if you don’t give useful information. Therefore, be sure to share tips, look for insights, tell more than Google. The viewer will be waiting for the next video to learn new cool life hacking and get a portion of inspiration.

Give information as interesting as possible, remember that boring dates make people sad. From the phrase “This building was built on May 27, 1874,” even children fall asleep.

Tell us better what was unusual in that place, explain why citizens do not like it? If you are showing a museum, let us know on which days are free entry for tourists.

Create atmosphere

Make the most of the mood in the frame. If this is a city, then show its character, sounds. Be sure to communicate with local, so you better understand the culture, get answers to dozens of questions. Usually, indigenous people say things that Wikipedia doesn’t even realize. A few local comments will make your story more powerful, lively, informative.

Happy girl
Photo by Himanshu Singh Gurjar


Take care of the quality of shooting

Choose high-quality equipment that is easy to transport, and create stunning shots.

For shots like a movie!

To have amazing content you need a bird’s-eye video. Previously, for filming in the sky, expensive equipment and a helicopter with a pilot where needed, and now only a drone and a minimal understanding of frame construction are needed. Among all the flying cameras, DJI MavicAir stands out. The drone shoots in 4K, so the picture is just fantastic. Flies for about 21 minutes, recognize obstacles and certainly does not crash into the wall. Managed by a small remote and a smartphone, takes up little space in hand luggage.

For action and not only

You can put a lot more in your backpack to create a video, for example, an Insta 360 One panoramic camera. The camera is suitable for shooting in the field, as well as for working on an ordinary video. For those who want to immediately edit the footage or broadcast everything on the social network in live broadcast, there is a special application on the smartphone.

Circle world
Photo by Elio Santos

For spectacular videos

Travelers who actively shoot, also need a compact camera DJI Osmo Pocket with built-in stabilization. In fact – this is a complete set for blogging. With this camera, you can shoot video in 4K, and panoramas, and the ability to make hyperlapse and timelapse videos showing various natural phenomena or just beautiful views in an accelerated mode. Moreover, this camera focuses perfectly on the face of the “main character” and keeps it in the center of the frame, no matter how he moves.

For shooting with a phone

The main thing you must have in this case is a stabilizer for your smartphone. Down with the jumping frames! Smooth and clear picture – much nicer.
Phone pickPhoto by Thomas Russell


So, you have chosen the technique that is perfect for your purposes and you have shot a good material. What to do next?

Install a video editing program

The most popular video editors are Adobe Premiere and Final Cut. There is also a free Lightworks editor.

Choose the right music

You need the best sounds to reflect the video series and your mood on the journey. Finding music without copyright is easy. There are a million options online.

Make the video dynamic

Approximately, every 5 seconds, try to alternate frames, show something more interesting, to keep the viewer’s attention. Remove boring moments and moments with poor quality.

Do you have a moment that takes a lot of time, and you want to show it in full? Accelerate movement and pick up more energetic music. Don’t overdo with effects.

Apple Mac
Photo by Denise Jans

Ad captions

Write down the names of locations, important numbers, specify the names of the characters with whom you are in dialogue. Choose a font that is easy to read and looks harmonious.


Analyze errors and fix them in the next videos. Not everyone is born to be an editor, but everyone has the opportunity to learn.

More useful information you can find in this article – Top 15 useful apps for each traveler!



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