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Instagram on vacation: how to make cool travel photos?
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Instagram on vacation: how to make cool travel photos?

Do you remember the film cameras with 36 shots for a vacation? Then we put all the photos in the album. Now life has changed a lot, but almost everyone still has this album and its weight is not measured in kilograms, but megabytes. Instagram app – it is our photo book, which is replenished with only the most beautiful shots. To make the vacation more interesting and accurately preserve the most vivid memories, try a small challenge – three photos per day, and we will tell you how to make them cool and memorable.

1. Wake up early

The best shots are obtained with natural light. For this, morning and evening hours are perfect, when the sun is not at its zenith. Get up at dawn, and be able to take pictures on an empty beach or a beautiful road without cars. Also, to look at the city before it wakes up is a big pleasure!

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2. Pick a beautiful hotel with a good view

If you want to be photographed in the hotel, this seems that it will definitely be nice to wake up here in the morning, and this largely determines the mood for the whole day. “Home away from home” should enjoy your soul. A photo with a cup of coffee on the balcony with a cool view could enjoy your subscribers.

3. Forget about modesty

You could feel like a free child, climb trees, climb stones, stand on your head. Firstly, it is fun and secondly, it is much more interesting than a simple photo on the background of attractions.

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4. Take a photo horizontally

If you take a horizontal photo, you will be able to show all the beauty of the landscape in the background. As well as it will be much easier for you to crop a square picture, which is standard for Instagram.

5. Look for interesting and bright colors

When you want to share your beautiful weekend outfit and a wide smile, the uniform minimalist background will not distract attention but will emphasize your personality. Especially, it looks cool with pictures on the background of bright walls or fences with flowers. Look around, take a walk on interesting streets, explore the city!

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6. Composition – the key to success

You must line up the frame harmoniously, without overloading it with unnecessary details. Remember: “Minimalism is our everything”, therefore, if something or someone stands in front of you, you could remove something or wait until someone leaves.

7. Climb as high as possible

The most breathtaking views open up when you climb higher and overlook the endless landscapes: mountains, sea, fjords or desert. To convey the depth and power of the impression made by the place in the picture, there is a simple rule: nature is big, people are small. It is unnecessary to look into the frame, and even, on the contrary, it is better to rush to the infinitely distant horizon with your eyes and with all your heart.

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8. Take a lot of photos

If you and your fellow travelers do not have the gift of photographing, just take a lot of shots to have a choice. Quickly look through the resulting pictures, without going far from the place, to be able to make the perfect picture.

9. Catch the wind

If it’s windy outside, put on your most loose clothes, take a light scarf and go for a walk to the town square or to the sea, where air movement will give life even to a banal picture.

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10. Forget about standard filters on Instagram

Instagram does not have the best filters for photos. Yes, there are a few, for example, Juno, Ludwig and Lo-Fi, which can be used not by 100% and they are not suitable for all photos. Excellent filters are the true colors of nature, sunshine, a blue sky, etc.

Someone may say that to run after beautiful shots is a silly idea, but you see, as long as it stimulates to spend holidays actively and interestingly, there is nothing bad in it!