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Paris – the perfect guide for you!
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Paris – the perfect guide for you!

“To see Paris and die,” “a city for those who are in love,” “a holiday that is always with you,” everything that you once heard about the capital of France is true. Paris is also known as one of the most touristic in the world. The word “most” in general perfectly describes all the delights of Paris: the largest museum, the most popular attraction, the most picturesque parks, the most delicious croissants and more.

Photo by Anthony DELANOIX

Where to stay in Paris?

Officially, Paris is divided into twenty districts. Each of them has its own characteristics. The fifteenth and sixteenth, for example, are very quiet and respectable, not far from the Eiffel Tower (which is in the seventh). Young people prefer Belleville between the tenth, eleventh, nineteenth and twentieth districts. In the eighteenth – Montmartre, but there is also relatively cheap housing (by Paris standards), so there are many students and visitors. Another student district is the fifth, but it is already more calm because there are the Pantheon and Sorbonne. In thirteenth is modern architecture and china town, and the fourteenth is liberal, with a touch of Breton culture. The fourth is the Marais, medieval streets, but there are many new and modern places. Well, the first is, of course, the Louvre.


Where to eat?

Before you go to a restaurant in Paris, you should know:

  • Less than ten, and sometimes fifteen euros can often not be paid by card – only in cash.
  • If you decide to go to the bar, then remember that young people in Paris usually have fun on Thursdays, so the bars will be overcrowded, but it will be fun.
  • Coffee at the bar is cheaper than on the terrace, this thing is usually indicated in the menu. Behind the bar counter, by the way, it is interesting – you can talk with the barista, who often is the owner of the cafe.
  • Water is for free in French restaurants, you just need to specify that you want tap water, but not bottled water.
  • It is not necessary to give tips, but the French usually leave one euro.
  • Well, and if you see the menu in all languages of the world, most likely, the locals do not eat there.


It is true that coffee in Paris is not one of the best. The French mostly prefer espresso and in general, are not pretentious. But at the same time there are some very good locations:

Cafe in Paris
Photo by Huy Phan

Historic restaurants

Roof bars

Beautiful terraces

What to see?

Firstly, you must climb to the Eiffel Tower, then go to the Louvre, be sure to take a picture of Gioconda, then – Notre-Dame de Paris, Sacré Coeur and the Triumphal Arch …

Joke! You have probably seen this list in every guidebook, and these sights are really worth visiting, but you do not have to be limited to them.

Photo by Ilnur Kalimullin and JOHN TOWNER

Paris is a city that does not tolerate fuss. You can see everything in two hours, you can quickly run through the main landmark places, but then you will not see the real Paris.

In Paris, you need to walk. Without a goal, without a map. Just get lost in the narrow streets or slowly walk along the wide Ottoman boulevards, climb the hill of Montmartre, walk to the hipster canal San Martin.

Here are some of the specific places:

  • Church of San Chapelle- the most beautiful church in Paris, though not the largest.
  • The Belleville Market -and any other market that you meet in your way. Parisians love to buy fresh vegetables and fruits in the markets, and you can recognize them by unfashionable grandmother’s carts. The markets are full of colors and fragrances, as well as friendly vendors who will gladly recommend something local and unique to you, and maybe they will give you to try something.
  • Rue Crémeux is probably the most picturesque street in Paris. It may even seem that you are not in Paris, but in a small fairy-tale village – colorful houses, paving stones, flowers in pots. You should go there on Instagram photos.

What to do?

In the summer, you could stroll through the Tuileries or the Luxembourg Gardens. There are chairs everywhere, sit down with a cup of coffee and a book, surely there will be only Parisians around you. Just relax and watch the life around, the cute elderly couples on a romantic walk, the students after classes, the businessmen on their lunch break.

Photo by Léonard Cotte

Or stroll along the banks of the Seine. In a warm time life is active here! Parisians organize picnics, dance tango, street musicians play, artists arrange exhibitions.

In winter or in bad weather, go to museums. First of all, of course, in the Louvre. It is better to go, for example, in the Egyptian Hall. Children will be delighted because there are not only silent exhibits arranged – they learn to read the hieroglyphs!

And when you have already taken a selfie on rue Crémeux, you should take a panoramic photo of Paris from one of the observation platforms! You can climb to the roof of the Galeries Lafayette for free, from where a beautiful view of the Opera and the Eiffel Tower opens up. Original panoramas are obtained from the tower of the Cathedral of Notre Dame and the tower of Saint-Jacques. But it is not easy to get into – it is quite often closed to visitors, but if you are lucky and it is open, then this will be a unique experience!

Photo by Pedro Lastra

Lifehack- entrance to almost all museums is free on the first Sunday of each month.