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Shopping guide in Europe!
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Shopping guide in Europe!

Sunny Europe is the perfect place for summer shopping. Between swimming in the sea and walking around the city, you probably want to buy something nice or update your wardrobe. Today we share life hacks and tips on how to enjoy European shopping and save money.

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Life hacks for a better shopping

  • Buy in the sales season

In Europe, the sales season is July-August and December-January. At this time, prices even for premium brands are reduced by 30-50%. Sales are successfully combined with summer and winter holidays. On vacation, it is especially pleasant to pamper yourself and your loved ones with new clothes. Experienced shopaholics know how to buy products from fashion brands at a favorable rate and with great discounts throughout the year – see below.

  • Choose in advance

Create a shopping list with which you go shopping. So, you will save you a lot of time. Think about what things you really need, and look for them on the websites of brands.

  • Head to The Bicester Village Shopping Collection

Boutique towns with outlet prices – perhaps the best option for shopping in Europe. Their main advantage is that all brands are located in a single territory and are sold with discounts up to 60% of the recommended retail price all year round. In the town you can spend a whole day with your family, shopping, walking and relaxing. Shopping towns are located in the most popular cities of Europe: in Paris, Milan, Frankfurt, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Brussels, London, Dublin. It is more correct to say that they are located near these cities since more than 100-160 boutiques can be comfortably placed only outside the city (within 30 minutes – an hour by car). A shuttle bus runs from the city center to the boutique town and back, so we advise you to familiarize yourself with the timetable and routes in advance. To make shopping truly comfortable and not to take away strength, there are restaurants, free parking, playgrounds and recreation areas in the towns.

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The best shopping towns:

1. France

Paris has always been a special place for shopping. Paris Rivoli Street is the largest shopping street in the city with hundreds of stores of all sizes. And Cambon Street, 31, has long become a legend about which the whole world knows – here Coco Chanel opened a shop a hundred years ago and marked the beginning of a new fashion age. La Vallee Village, the largest and most famous shopping town in France, is located in Paris, near Disneyland. From the center of Paris, you will reach it in 30 minutes. It is better to set aside a whole day for the trip – there are more than 120 boutiques in La Vallee Village. After shopping, you can eat in local cafes and restaurants with excellent cuisine and French wine.

2. Germany

Germany is not the most obvious direction for shopping. But it is an ideal country for traveling by car. Rent a car and go on an adventure on the perfect German autobahn. For example, from Cologne to Frankfurt, and then to Nuremberg. On the way, take a look at Wertheim Village – it is an hour’s drive from Frankfurt. So that you do not waste time on shops in different parts of the city, Wertheim Village has gathered over 110 boutiques of the most famous brands on its territory. Another option for travel is to fly to Munich, rent a car and go north, stopping at small towns along the way.

3. Spain

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Madrid and Barcelona are two sunny and bright cities that are ideal for summer travel. Not far from Madrid is the Las Rozas Village, popular not only among tourists but also among the inhabitants of Madrid itself. Here you can buy clothes, shoes, and accessories with discounts for the summer and for the whole year ahead. And if you are relaxing in Barcelona, ​​on the way to the hot beaches of the Costa Brava, visit La Roca Village. The complex is designed as a mini-copy of a classic Catalan town – 160 boutiques of traditional architecture, greenery, flowers, and trees along the streets create a cozy atmosphere of the south.

4. Italy

Someone comes to Italy especially for shopping, someone combines shopping with sightseeing. Milan is one of the most famous shopping destinations in Italy, and this is understandable: the city has boutiques of all famous fashion houses. The title of the world capital of fashion is confirmed by the constant display and opening of new boutiques. To update the wardrobe without spending much money, go shopping from the main streets of Milan in Fidenza Village. Famous brands, big discounts, beautiful boulevards between boutiques and delicious Italian cuisine – this is the perfect shopping day in Italy. In addition to luxury brands, there are many others, no less remarkable and fashionable.

5. Belgium

The capital of Belgium is Brussels – a city of amazing beauty with beautiful architecture, gardens, and parks. In addition to clothing and footwear, you can buy cosmetics, famous Belgian chocolates and household goods with discounts. Recently, a boutique of diamonds was opened in Maasmechelen Village. The boutique town is located near the National Park. Bring comfortable shoes with you to go for a walk in nature after shopping.

The benefits of shopping in Europe

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Every foreigner in Europe has the right to return part of the cost of goods, which is an EU tax. In the shopping towns of Barcelona and Paris, tax-free can be returned on the spot. Tax-free in the remaining complexes can be issued at the airport or in the city. By the way, in the German Ingolstadt Village and Wertheim Village tax-free offers for any purchases over 25 euros!

Unique collections

All possible limited series worth looking for in Europe. Here they appear in boutiques literally the day after fashion shows.

Combination with travel

Complete your adventures with enjoyable shopping. So you will not only save but also bring home the impressions of travel along with everything. All the shopping towns in Europe are located in the most popular places, so you no longer have to choose between shopping and exploring new places. Reserve one day shopping in Paris, Milan, Bologna, Barcelona, Brussels or Madrid – so you save money and energy.

Great service

In any store in Europe, each customer is given maximum attention. Traditional European hospitality is combined with a sincere desire to help you choose the perfect outfit, shoes or accessories. Shopping with a smile is the most valuable!

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