With the end of summer, the hottest events of autumn 2019 are approaching. It’s time to find out what awaits us in September. If you have planned a holiday in one of the countries of Europe do not forget to overlook these events. Travel Mode ON has prepared a list that will definitely be useful to you.


ArtPhoto by Chris Barbalis

MOTELX – Lisbon International Horror Film Festival

Lisbon, Portugal

10-15 September 

The Portuguese festival presents horror films in all their diversity – from mysticism to bloody slashers, from psychological thrillers to paintings about monsters, from popular works to little-known masterpieces of independent cinema, from paintings from the “Golden Fund” to the fruits of innovative experiments. 

BIAFF – Batumi International Art-house Film Festival

Batumi, Georgia

15-22 September 

Since its foundation in 2006, the Batumi International Art House Film Festival or BIAFF has become the main arena for the cultural dialogue of Georgian and world authors in the field of non-profit cinema. The organizers of the prestigious film screening were the Batumi House of Artists “Argani” with the active support of the city authorities. D


Photo by Nicholas Green

Loftas fest

Vilnius, Lithuania

13-14 September 

Loftas Fest has been held in Vilnius since 2012, as the main platform of the Baltic region for promoting relevant representatives of cultural urbanization in music, design, and visual arts.

Reeperbahn Festival

Hamburg, Germany

18-21 September 

The Reeperbahn Festival is a massive music festival held in Hamburg every year in September. This is the largest club festival in Germany, with 600 events taking place at 70 locations. The festival expects more than 32,000 visitors. In addition to concerts, many events are displaying fine art, film, and literature.

BAM festival

Barcelona, Spain

20-23 September

With the promotion of over twenty-five years, Barcelona Acció Musical (BAM) has become a festival famous for discovering amazing talents from dance, rock and pop music from Catalonia and from across the globe.


Photo by Louis Hansel

Budapest Wine Festival

Budapest, Hungary

5-8 September 

The rich gastronomic and winemaking traditions are one of the main factors that attract foreign travelers to the Hungarian capital. The International Wine Festival, where about 200 large wineries from 15 countries annually participate, is always popular with such tourists. The wine fair takes place in the historic heart of the city, on the terraces of the Budva Castle, which for centuries served as a home to the Hungarian monarchs.

Coffee festival

Istanbul, Turkey

19-22 September 

In the fall, a coffee festival will be held in the eastern part of Istanbul, in its oldest region, called Kadikoy. Gourmets, the best barista and coffee makers will come together to please each other. The first coffee festival was held in 2014 and gathered a lot of guests. Subsequent shows promise to be even more eventful and interesting.


Munich, Germany

21 September – 6 October

The history of the Oktoberfest festival began in 1910 when the residents of Munich decided to celebrate on a large-scale the wedding of the Bavarian crown prince Ludwig on the Saxon princess Teresa. Today, the world’s largest beer festival gathers more than six million guests annually, and the amount of foamy drink they drink reaches 7.5 million liters.


Sport Marathon
Photo by Joris Visser

Tallinn Marathon

Tallinn, Estonia

6-8 September

Explore the best-preserved medieval city in Northern Europe by participating in the Tallinn Marathon. The run, which starts and ends in Tallinn’s Old Town, will lead you through the modern City Center and allow you to see the scenic views from Rocca al Mare. Since Estonia is an incredibly technologically advanced country, free Wi-Fi will allow you to share your experience with your friends.

Birell Prague Grand Prix

Prague, Czech Republic

7 September

This run allows runners to run through Prague at night when the city is unusually mysterious and magical. The ten-meter race following it unites runners in a single pleasure, passing through a beautiful Czech evening.

Danske Bank Marathon

Vilnius, Lithuania

8 September

The biggest running festival in Lithuania invites you for the 16th time this year. All racing courses cover the most beautiful and picturesque streets of Vilnius and end where it began – at the heart of Vilnius – Cathedral Square.

Are you passionate about music, art or sport? You are welcome to any event both as a participant and as a spectator. Travel, visit, admire all the beauty of the cities because we all live to discover and find many incredible things. Follow us to know about other important events.