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The best hotels in Austria: Top 8 unusual resorts
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The best hotels in Austria: Top 8 unusual resorts

Imagine you are sitting on your hotel balcony, sipping your morning coffee and gazing at the peaks of the Alps against the backdrop of picturesque valleys. In Austria, you can enjoy fine white wine in a modern skyscraper, or stay in a hotel that combines tradition with modernity. We suggest you to get acquainted with the list of the best hotels in Austria.

1. Hotel ADLERS in Innsbruck

Hotel ADLERS in Innsbruck
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The view of the ADLERS hotel in Austria is as beautiful from the outside as it is inside. Because the magnificent landscapes of nature are reflected in the glass facade of the highest building in Innsbruck. All 75 rooms on 12 floors offer panoramic views of the Alps and the sights of the city. They are stylish and modern, but the historical part of the city is only a minute away. The interior decorations are also modern and minimalist, but this does not detract from the scenery outside your window. After an active day on the mountainside, enjoy a beautiful view, massage or sauna at the ADLERS hotel.

2. Trend Hotel Schloss Lebenberg

 Trend Hotel Schloss Lebenberg
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Austrian trend-hotel Schloss Lebenberg provides super views of Kitzbühl. It is located in the castle over 400 years old, but it has been functioning only since 1967. Guests can stay in the 130-year-old tower or a newer building. Regardless of your choice, all the rooms of the hotel are completely modern. Ski lovers stop there, including many world-class ski champions who have been to Kitzbühl. There is also a huge pool of 46 meters in length. The pool holds nearly 70,000 gallons of water, with a 360-degree panoramic view of breathtaking landscapes.

3. Hotel Schafbergspitze

Hotel Schafbergspitze
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One of the best hotels in Austria with the difficult name to pronounce.  Schafbergspitze is located on top of a steep mountain. Forget about a taxi if you decide to stay at the Hotel Schafbergspitze, located on the top of the mountain Schafberg. You do not have to climb the mountain and drag your luggage on your back, as a special railway leads to the top. Here you will be amazed by the view from the rooms of this family-run hotel. Its 29 rooms are furnished quite simply and without excesses. Wi-fi is not offered to guests, but why not spend time alone with your family in such a great place?

4. Hotel Bristol Salzburg

Hotel Bristol SalzburgPhoto source:

This is a place where elegance meets age-old traditions and history. The hotel was founded in 1619 when the archbishop laid the first foundation stone. Now it is the historical and cultural center of Salzburg, and one of its outstanding landmarks. Hotel Bristol can be your home because there is a special atmosphere of comfort. Many celebrities stayed here, from Emperor Franz Joseph to famous musicians of our time. The furnishings of the medieval period are partly preserved with an aura of elegance. Do not miss the chance to go on a tour of one of the most beautiful cities in Austria.

5. Hotel Schloss Fuschl

Hotel Schloss Fuschl
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It seems that you are in a fairy tale during your stay at the castle Fuschl in 1450. Located on the densely forested peninsula of Lake Fuschl, this castle was the private residence of a high-ranking Nazi officer. Today, the castle is a hotel with 110 rooms, including 7 suites in the Tower. The suites are decorated with paintings by Old Masters. But even if you stay in a regular room, you can see the masterpieces of painting in public areas. The hotel also has a collection of retro cars, where you can do a test drive.

6. Hotel Aqua Dome

Hotel Aqua Dome
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Leave your worries behind and relax in the thermal pool of the Aqua Dome hotel in Längenfeld. There are two indoor pools with warm water from the hot springs, as well as several outdoor pools in the spa complex against the backdrop of the Alpine landscape. This luxury hotel has an innovative architectural design. The 200-room Aqua Dome is a great destination for couples but it also offers good opportunities for families with children, including a children club and lots of fun. Among the best hotels in Austria, it is the most modern project.

7. Sofitel Stephansdom in Vienna

Sofitel Stephansdom in Vienna
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Vienna is regarded as a very traditional city. This is probably the last place you would expect to see an avant-garde glass skyscraper. This place is the hotel Sofitel Stephansdom, which represents a norm of modernity.  But history has not been forgotten here, as the historic district of Vienna and the Danube Canal open from panoramic windows. The 182 rooms of the hotel have white, gray and black rooms with modern furnishings that complement the avant-garde atmosphere. Opened in 2010, the hotel is considered the most glamorous in Austria.

8. Grand Hotel Zell Am See

 Grand Hotel Zell Am See
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A visit to the Grand Hotel Zell Am See will allow you to return to the period of courtesy and the culture of the Beautiful Epoch. The construction of the late 19th century reflects the magnificence of those times in a picturesque location on the shores of Lake Zell am See. The hotel with 130 rooms offers an indoor Roman pool as well as a spa complex with many treatments. The hotel on the background of the Austrian Alps resembles a true wonderland in the winter. The resort is perfect for families with children because there is a special kids club.

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