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Top 10 destinations to visit in May 2019!
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Top 10 destinations to visit in May 2019!

Travel Mode ON prepared for you 10 destinations to visit in May because traveling in May is always a good idea! If you want to save a little and fly away on vacation before the start of the high season, pay attention to these destinations.

1. Cyprus

Discover Cyprus – a small but interesting country with many attractions. This is an ideal place if you are inspired by a rich historical heritage and amazing nature. On the island, you will see impressive Turkish and Venetian fortresses, monasteries and Orthodox churches, as well as unbelievable landscapes, from which the heart begins to beat more often.

In Cyprus, in May, the sea warms up and the beaches slowly fill with those who want to relax with the soul. In the spring, in these areas, it is not very hot and this is a great happiness for tourists. Experienced vacationers highly recommend Ayia Napa, as well as Protaras or Paphos.

Weather: the daytime temperature is about + 25-26 ° С, but the sun is already well heated, the water in the sea warms up to + 21-22 ° С.

2. Phuket, Thailand

Thailand has a rainy season at this time, but it’s mostly sunny in Phuket. Rainfall, of course, there are, but short-term. But the waves rise tall. Many extreme people come here to surf. In May, Thailand officially has a low season, fewer tourists and prices are lower.

Weather: the air temperature in Phuket in May is kept at + 32 ° С, the water temperature in the sea is about + 30 ° С. Rains are possible, but you definitely will not be disappointed about your vacation in such a heavenly place.

3. Vietnam

If you have at least a couple of weeks in May, fly to Vietnam. At the end of spring, there is almost no rain, and the resorts of Nha Trang or Phu Quoc are ideal for relaxing after working days. If you can’t lie on the beach all day, including Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh in your travel plan. If possible, take excursions, charismatic guides will tell a lot about Vietnamese traditions, life, and local habits.

Weather: Nha Trang is warm and dry in May. The air temperature reaches + 33 ° С, water temperature in the sea – + 29 ° С.

4. Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

Another option for a holiday in May is Trincomalee in Sri Lanka. The weather is wonderful all year round, the service is excellent, the beaches are clean and the prices are much lower than in Thailand or Vietnam. In general, if you want to enjoy the exotic nature, but do not overpay, then you have to go there. And in the city, you can take an informative tour. Trincomalee is a combination of several religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Christianity, and this is certainly reflected in architecture.

Weather: in May the daytime temperature reaches + 35 ° С, and the sea heats up to + 30 ° С. There are rains, but short.

5. Lanzarote, Canary Islands

The Canary Islands will be sad if you do not pay attention to them in May. At the end of spring, there are warm, quiet, calm and really few people. So, you can wave to Lanzarote to enjoy the lunar landscapes and the azure coast. The water in May is still a bit cool, but on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, too, it rests beautifully.

Weather: the temperature on the Canaries in May reaches + 24 ° С, while the water warms up to + 21 ° С. We advise you to go at the end of the month.

6. Georgia

If you can not decide where to fly in May, go to Georgia! It is warm, green, tasty, homely and budget! Absolutely comfortable destinations for spring holidays in Tbilisi and Batumi with its beaches. It’s a bit early to swim in May, but to bask in the sun is a good time.

Weather: the temperature in Tbilisi in May is near the mark of + 22 ° С, in Batumi – approximately the same, and the sea warms only to + 17-18 ° С.

7. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is always beautiful, but spring is especially magic in the Czech capital. If you like classics,  this is one of the reasons why it is worth buying tickets to Prague right now: from May 12 to June 4, the city will host the International Spring Music Festival. On different stages of Prague will play great musical figures. And, of course, plan a walk through the magical capital of the Czech Republic, take a tour, learn the secrets and legends of the city.

Weather: there are more sunny days than cloudy ones, there is almost no rain. The thermometer bar in the afternoon shows +20 … + 24 ° C.

8. Porto, Portugal

Porto wins the hearts of the guests of Portugal. Come and you here at least for a couple of days. Take a walk along the steep winding streets, set a desire near the ocean, get acquainted with the local culture, admire the architecture. It’s a pleasure to see traditional Portuguese tiles in ancient churches, and houses. In early May, the rains stop, so getting to know Porto at this time is incredibly comfortable. Spring holidays here will cost 20 percent less than in high season.

Weather: The temperature at the end of spring is ideal for walking: + 20–25 ° C. Water temperature around 14 ° C.

9. Normandy, France

If you have a free week in May, fly to get in love with Normandy. In this region of France, you can visit the charming cities of Rouen or Giverny, enjoy the incredible view of the bizarre cliffs of Etretat, visit the castle-fortress of Mont Saint-Michel, which, by the way, was a prototype of the fortress in the movie “The Lord of the Rings”.

Weather: the average temperature in Normandy in May is about 20, there are some rains.

10. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is worth a visit in May for two reasons. The first is that at this time, there is warm and sunny, but still not too hot for long walks around the city. The second – on May 21st, there is Museum Day, and from 19:00 to 01:00 you can visit most of them for free.

Weather: the average air temperature in Barcelona in May is + 21 ° С, water in the sea is + 17 ° С.

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