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Top 9 most scenic roads in the world!
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Top 9 most scenic roads in the world!

Right here and right now Travel Mode ON offers you to explore the most beautiful roads in the world. Most of the roads and highways are boring and not interesting. However, there are still unique roads on Earth, which not even for a minute do not allow drivers to relax, from which they are breathtaking and where they want to return again and again. The most interesting is mainly mountain roads with serpentines or highways going over bridges over the sea.

This article is dedicated to all road romantics and just those who love beautiful roads.

1. Tianmen Mountain Road, China

Tiniamen road in ChinaPhoto by BORIS G

This road is called the Big Gate Road, but popularly it is simply called – the Road to Heaven. And the matter is not even in the height, on which the road surface rises, but in the complexity and number of twisted turns. By the way about the height – the road originates 200 meters above sea level and rises to 1300 meters. It is also called the road of 99 turns, as the nine is the lucky number in China, symbolizing the heavens and 9 palaces.

2. Florida Keys, United States

Longest road
Photo by

The highway across the sea from the island to the island via 42 bridges across the southwest of Florida was built in 1938 along the line of the old railroad, which was destroyed by a hurricane. The track is mainly located above the water and for about 4 hours you have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the ocean.

3. Transfagarasan, Romania

Transfagarasan roadPhoto by Jaromír Kavan

Transfagaras highway is the highest and most frightening asphalt road in Romania. Built as a military strategic route by the former dictator Nicolae Ceausescu between 1970 and 1974, this road connects the historic districts of Transylvania and Wallachia. Transfagarasan is 90 km of a winding road, stretching from north to south through the highest part of the Carpathians between the highest mountains of this country.

4. Stelvio Pass, Italy

Road in ItalyPhoto by Graziano De Maio

The Stelvio Pass is 2 kilometers of narrow clinging to the ledges of the cliffs of the road in the Italian Alps, rising to a height of almost 2,757 meters. The road was built in 1820 by the Austrian Empire, which connected Lombardy with the rest of Austria, since then, almost nothing has changed, well, except that they covered it with asphalt and installed barrier Fence.

5. Atlantic Road, Norway

Atlantic RoadPhoto by YangTS

For the entertainment, the Norwegians built a two-lane Atlantic road with a length of 8 kilometers. With the help of 7 bridges, some of which have a very strange shape, soaring into the sky and ending there, as it were, several islands off the coast were joined together. Here you just need to drive, enjoy the local beauties, breath the clean sea air. Especially for tourists, there are several panoramic platforms.

6. Le Col de Turini, France

Col De Turini RoadPhoto by Iceberg

In the French Alps, there is a Col de Turini road 30 kilometers long, which rises to an altitude of 1500 meters. There are practically no straight sections of the road keeping drivers in constant tension. But everything is compensated by fantastic mountain views.

7. Trollstigen, Norway

Photo by André

The Troll Ladder, which stretches among the mountain peaks in the Norwegian Vestlan region, is one of the most popular attractions in the southwest of the country. A narrow track with a length of 106 kilometers is a model of engineering: serpentine has 11 sharp turns. In some areas, the width of the road does not exceed 3.3 meters.

8. Road Jebel Hafeet, UAE

Road with lights
Photo by Sajj Ahmed

In the United Arab Emirates, they can turn the simplest things into attractions that attract tourists from all over the world. On the second highest mountain in the country, Jebel Hafeet, rising up to 1,249 meters, paved a 12-kilometer route that runs upward in serpentines. At each sharp turn made an observation deck. The especially spectacular track looks at night with the lights on, the glowing snake going up.

9. Sani Pass, South Africa

Sani Pass
Photo by Tim Walter

From South Africa to Lesotho you can get through the Drakensberg Mountains, passing through the Sani Pass at an altitude of more than 2800 meters above sea level. Only high-class drivers in four-wheel drive vehicles can climb here along narrow serpentines, but just extreme lovers can go down. The length of the dirt road is 9 kilometers.

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