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Top 10 travel movies to watch in the evening!
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Top 10 travel movies to watch in the evening!

Movies inspire millions of people to travel, because the plot is not just an exciting story, but a guide to action. Travel Mode ON prepared a selection of films about great trips and extraordinary places in which the life of the characters is divided into before and after. You just have to see the list and choose the movie for tonight. But be careful! These 10 movies cause an overwhelming desire to leave all and to get away on a journey.

1. Vicky Cristina Barcelona

movie scene

Spain, United States, 2008

This film about the unusual love triangle, by director Woody Allen, with incredible warmth shows amazing Barcelona. Javier Bardem, Scarlett Johnsson and Penelope Cruz play, of course, excellently. The important part of the plot is perfectly emphasizes the passionate story of the characters. After watching “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” I want to go to the ancient streets of Barca and to be enveloped by these emotions.

2. Eat Pray Love

Eat pray love movie

United States, 2010

The heroine, played by Julia Roberts, tries to understand what she really wants and goes on a journey. She enjoys the fantastic Italy’s cuisine and finds harmony and something more in Indonesia. “Eat Pray Love ”shows the beauty of this world and makes it clear that the main road is the road to itself.

3. The Way

The way Movie

USA, Spain, 2010

California doctor Tom Avery loves a quiet, measured rest, and his son does not imagine himself without adventures, travels and decides to go along the famous Path of St. James. During the storm in the Pyrenees, at the very beginning of the road, the guy dies. Dr. Avery arrives in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port (France) for the body of his son and cremated him. Without preparation, with an urn of dust in his hands, Tom sets off along the path of St. James to help his only child make his last journey.

4. EuroTrip

Euro Trip

United States, 2004

Not everyone goes on a journey to seek the truth. For example, the heroes of the comedy “Eurotrip” go on a trip to European cities to have a good time entertainment. The guys have a talent to get into funny situations. While watching you can laugh enough and admire the beauty of Europe.

5. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

The secret life walter mitty

United States, 2013

Ben Stiller is an office loser who encourages everyone to take risks and change the world. To complete the editorial assignment, the man goes in search of the famous traveler Sean O’Connell, but he doesn’t even know what adventure awaits him. The hero visits Greenland, Iceland, the Himalayas and gradually realizes what life is. If you are not yet in love with Iceland, then, after you saw this picture, you will definitely be in the club of fans of the country of ice.

6. Wild

Reese Witherspoon

United States, 2014

his film is about Cheryl Strey’s journey, who is entangled in herself. To find the answers and get rid of the fears, Reese Witherspoon decides to walk on foot part of the Pacific Trail Pacific Crest Trail in the US 1770 meters long. This is a dangerous mountain route, but enough time to think. If you like such stories and, and you want to admire amazing landscapes, turn on Wild. A curious fact: for maximum realism, Reese wore a heavy tourist backpack during the filming.

7.  Out of Africa

Out of Africa

USA 1985

This film is a fascinating love story of a strong woman. The picture takes place in Kenya, and from the very first seconds the audience is fascinated by a mysterious and unusually beautiful Africa. Divine landscapes, cool soundtrack, talented Meryl Streep and Robert Retford create a  special mood. So that you will want to fly over the savannah, see the real Africa and remember it for life.

8. The Darjeeling Limited

The Dareeling Limited

United States, 2007

To find the meaning of life and to bring together the family, three slightly weird brothers go on a trip to India. The picture is a feast for the soul and eyes. It’s a pleasure to look at suitcases with painted animals, a bright orange-colored compartment. While watching you will laugh, grieve, think about the important and, of course, admire India.

9. Midnight in Paris

Midnight in Paris

United States, 2011

Beautiful, atmospheric, real Paris became the hero of this wonderful film by Woody Allen. There are shown the Versailles Mirror Hall, Claude Monet’s garden, the Rodin Museum, the public garden near Notre Dame, the hill of Saint Genevieve. The viewers will fall in love in every square meter of the French capital and will feel total happiness. Follow the example of the hero of the film – hopeless romance Gil and hurry up to buy a ticket to Paris.

10. Letters to Juliet

Letters to Juliet Movie

United States, 2010

Verona is the perfect decoration in this film. In the city of love, the American Sophia (Amanda Seyfried), along with other volunteers, responds to letters to Juliet. The heroine finds a 60-year-old letter in which the Englishwoman Claire Smif talks about her strong feelings for the young man. Sophia meets with an already elderly Claire and persuades her to make a trip to Italy and find the love of all life. Stunningly beautiful places appear in the frame: this is Queen Verona with its arena, and the medieval village of Souave, and Lake Garda and the incredibly soulful Tuscany.