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Top 15 useful apps for each traveler!
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Top 15 useful apps for each traveler!

If you know that the moss on the tree grows on the north side – this is certainly a useful skill. But, nowadays you do not need this knowledge to travel. It’s a digital age, which means that Google Maps will show you the route, Foursquare will tell you where to eat and drink, and Uber will take you home. We have collected 15 of the most useful applications with which life on a journey will become easier and more fun.

Travel apps
Photo by Yura Fresh

1. Maps Me 

App Store / Google Play 

Maps Me is a real must-have for travelers, so, you can be sure that you do not get lost in a foreign country. Thus, you will have a road map for car, pedestrian roads, street photos – everything you need to ensure that you do not will have an attack of topographical cretinism. And most importantly – all maps are available offline!

2. XE

App Store / Google Play 

It is a fair exchange rate information. Do not let local currency adventurers fool you. The application will show the current exchange rate at your location, as well as the nearest currency exchange points.

3. Forsquare

App Store / Google Play

The main assistant in the organization of your leisure. Foursquare will tell you what interesting places are nearby, and user reviews will help you make the right choice. A choice of 6 categories: breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee & tea, nightlife, things to do. 

Food app
Photo by Eaters Collective

4. uPacking List

App Store / Google Play

You are familiar with the situation when, on the way back from your trip, you are horrified and desperate, trying to pack into the suitcase the consequences of your impulsive purchases on vacation. The uPacking List application is designed to simplify the task and prevent you from gaining too much with you. The developers made sure that with this application, you will have the possibility to make several lists at once for a different case. Moreover, you can also make a list of things that need to be done before leaving.

5. Parkwhiz

App Store / Google Play

Residents of megalopolises are familiar with searching for a free parking space in urban areas. In an unfamiliar city, this can be an even bigger problem. Salvation from this scourge is the Parkwhiz application, with which you will quickly find where is more convenient and cheaper to park.

6. TripIt

App Store / Google Play

The perfect offer for those who prefer to plan all the details of their journey. It collects almost all information about flights and “checkpoints” of travel in your smartphone. This application is especially convenient for flights: you enter the flight number and the name of the airline, and the program itself fills in the flight card: time of departure and arrival, airport name, travel time and distance. about flight delays.

7. Uber

App Store / Google Play

At the moment, the Uber application works in more than 600 cities around the world, so, it will help you out and in the city in which you are.

Uber app
Photo by Humphrey Muleba

8. SAS Survival Guide

App Store / Google Play

Are you going to conquer mountains and forests?  This application, created by a former soldier and instructor of a special airborne service, will help to master hundreds of survival skills that may be useful to you along the way. Let’s hope that in practice you will not use them, but knowing about them will not hurt.

9. FlightAware

App Store / Google Play

A useful application that will provide you with relevant and reliable information about the flights. FlightAware allows you to track any flight in real-time, alerts you to delays at all airports and reminds you of your flight.

10. ClassPass

App Store / Google Play

In the Class Pass, are collected more than 7000 gyms around the world. If you can not imagine your life without sports activities, this application will help you. Here you can find all the necessary information about prices, sports, which are represented there, also, you can book a visit directly in the app.

11. Triposo

App Store / Google Play

This application will help you quickly navigate among the abundance of attractions that surround you. Triposo is a selection of free travel guides about cities around the world.

Travel app
Photo by Jakub Gorajek

12. Lounge Buddy

App Store

The Lounge Buddy application will give you access to 170 lounges around the world. Just find the airport of your transfer, select the business lounge you are interested in and book it.

13. Google Translate

App Store / Google Play

Google Translate – although it is quite obvious, the most useful application in the journey. No matter how perfect your English or any other foreign language is, sometimes memory fails. Google Translate will help to avoid such awkwardness and will help you in case of a sudden language barrier.

14. Wi-Fi Map

App Store / Google Play

To find free Wi-Fi abroad is like a challenge. But the world is not without good people: the Wi-Fi Map application contains tips from real people around the world with passwords and location with free Wi-Fi.

15. Yuggler

App Store 

If you are traveling with children, then Yuggler is exactly what you need. This application will tell you what interesting things you can do with them near you. It is especially convenient that when you search, you can use the filters of the interests and age of your child.