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Top 25 ways to reduce pollution!
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Top 25 ways to reduce pollution!

Modern citizen experiences many stresses every day. Long distances, the high pace of life, lack of time – this is only part of the problems of the inhabitants of a city.

The main problem is poor ecology, which represents a danger to human health. Chemical emissions of industrial enterprises, CO2 of millions of cars, particles of dust and soot – all these harmful substances are constantly in the air around us, and the level of air pollution in cities many times exceeds all permissible norms. In the atmosphere of the metropolis you can find the entire periodic table, and this cocktail we have to breathe every day. Unfavorable ecology leads to disastrous consequences. According to statistics, there are two times more allergy sufferers among urban residents than among those who live in small towns. Diseases of the respiratory tract and cardiovascular system, reduced immunity and, as a consequence, an increase in the number of patients – this is what causes air pollution in cities.

pollution cityPhoto by David Lee

In your house, a number of other impurities are added to the polluted air of city streets: furniture dust, kitchen odors, microbes, bacteria, toxic substances, tobacco smoke and more. And if to fight for the cleanliness of the air on the streets of the city is quite a difficult task, then you can very easily improve the ecology of your own apartment or office. Modern air purifiers for a home will cope with the problem in a few minutes. Innovative technologies used in modern devices allow us to rid the air of any toxic substances that are the main dangerous polluters of the metropolis atmosphere, microbes, and bacteria.

According to statistics, today more and more residents of large cities are installing air purifiers in their homes, which favorably affects the health of their inhabitants. In order to make a feasible contribution to save our planet, it is not necessary to donate money to various funds or go to protest actions against environmental pollution.

Pollution imagePhoto by Sergio Rodriguez – Portugues del Olmo

Travel Mode ON prepared a list of things that absolutely everyone can do:

1. Change the light bulb

If in each house people replaced their ordinary light bulb with a fluorescent one, then it would have the same benefit as removing about a million cars from the roads. If you do not like its color, then you can illuminate the storage room, basement or bathroom.

2. Turn off computers at night

Instead of putting the computer into sleep mode at night, just turned it off completely, you would save 40 watts per hour.

3. Turn off the water when brushing your teeth

You have probably already heard about it, but perhaps you still don’t do that. But it will help you to save up to 20 liters of water per day.

4. Print on both sides of the paper

Every year we throw away tens of millions of tons of office paper. This is an easy way to divide this quantity into two-sided printing.

5. Be a vegetarian once a week

Just one vegetable day –  is a huge contribution to the preservation of nature, and, moreover, such a fasting day is also necessary for your body.

6. Wash in cooler water

You can save energy equal to 100 thousand barrels of oil per day 9.

7. Use fewer paper napkins

On average, each of us uses about 6 paper napkins per day. In the year it is about 2,200 pieces. Now, imagine how much the whole planet uses.

8. Recycle glass

Recycled glass reduces air pollution by 20% and water pollution by 50%. The unprocessed glass will take millions of years to decompose.

9. Recycling newspapers

In that way, you will save more than half a million trees a week. In Week!

10. Do not buy water in a plastic bottle

About 90% of these bottles are still not recycled. Instead, they are decomposed for hundreds of years in the ground. Buy filters for tap water. It is the best choice for nature, your wallet and, eventually, your health.

11. Shorten “bathing” days

Instead, more often just take a shower, the bath requires almost twice as many liters. In addition, you will save energy, which is spent on heating water.

12. Take a shower with your loved one

You will definitely notice the benefits. Besides the fact that you will wastewater in half.

13. Reduce the time of water treatments

Even two minutes saved in the shower will help to save tens of liters of water per week.

14. Plant a tree

This is a standard task for every real man, but also a very important task to save nature.

15. Use the cruise control in the car

After all, you paid for these additional buttons in your car. Cruise control will reduce fuel consumption by 15%.

16. Buy local products

Support local producers and your economy. Thus, you will significantly reduce the harm done to nature during the transportation of products.

17. Use your cup instead of a disposable cup

This will at least make your coffee tastier and retain heat longer. As a bonus – it will help to save nature.

18. Turn off the lights

Do this when you leave the room for more than 10 minutes. This will save energy, increase the life of the light bulb and cool the air in the room.

19. Recycle your old phones

Every year, hundreds of thousands of mobile phones are thrown into the trash. If the phones reach the ground,  the toxic substances will be released into our environment. And to find a cell phone recycling service is easy now.

20. Use matches instead of lighters

Plastic lighters buried in the ground also decompose for a very long time and harm our environment.

21. Do not throw away unnecessary things immediately

Think, perhaps, someone may need this thing. For example, you can donate it to a charitable organization.

22. Buy tickets online

The cost of processing an online order is almost negligible compared to how much material is spent on producing a paper ticket.

23. Do not use plastic bags

These bags practically do not decompose in course of time, fall into the oceans and cause great damage to the organisms living there. It is better to buy a reusable shopping bag.

24. Use rechargeable batteries

Every year, billions of alkaline batteries are thrown into the trash, containing metals dangerous for humans. Metals from the trash fall into the soil and groundwater, and there it is already close to the reservoirs used for drinking water supply.

25. Share this knowledge

Everyone should know that he can make a contribution to save nature, for which nature will please you!

Tree grow upPhoto by Kyle Ellefson

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