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Top 4 real ways to travel for free!
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Top 4 real ways to travel for free!

We selected 4 ways that will convince you that you can travel with any budget.

1. Volunteer programs

You should know that it is not entirely for free. The budget of your trip depends on where you want to go. In most cases, you will need to pay for travel to the project site, membership fee, personal expenses and, if necessary, a visa. Accommodation and meals are paid by the organizers.

Instead, you will cheerfully rebuild disaster-affected facilities, help local communities somewhere in the Chinese backwoods, or host a turtle farm in Sri Lanka — there are thousands of employment options on volunteer projects. You can choose something on one of the websites of volunteer organizations:

If you are new to volunteering, it is best to contact a local organization that collaborates with international volunteer projects. They will make sure that you are accepted into the selected project and will settle all the issues that may arise.

Volunteer programs
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2. Studying abroad

Contrary to stereotypes, if you decide to study abroad is not always extremely expensive. In many countries, tuition is free of charge. Free education in Europe can be obtained in such countries:

  • Norway (even the entrance fee is not required);
  • Germany (be prepared to pay for an administration fee of € 150-250);
  • France;
  • Czech;
  • Spain;
  • Belgium.

More information here.

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3. Go to explore your family tree

Do you know that you had Aunt Tsilya and Uncle Isaac in your clan, but for the rest, you didn’t get into the question of your origin? We have good news for you. You can practically go to study your roots and get acquainted with the culture of your country of origin. For example, young people of Jewish origin aged from 18 to 26 years old can go to Israel for free by taking part in the TAGLIT program.

There is good news for representatives of other nationalities. The organization ReConnect Hungary will help to make a cultural tour of Hungary, and Heritage Greece – in Greece. And, if you are from 21 to 32 years old and you are of Armenian origin, then BrightRight Armenia will invite you to a volunteer project and help you with a job search.

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4. Teach English

Your English is very good? Then you have a chance to earn some extra money. Be prepared for the fact that the detailed kind of contracts last on average from six months to 2 years. Search for jobs go here on this resource – TEFL.

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