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Top 5 benefits of camping!
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Top 5 benefits of camping!

Travel Mode On prepared a list with 5 benefits of camping for you. If you plan a great trip, do not avoid to explore these benefits.

1. It’s cheapest

Photo by Scott Goodwill

Of course, it is not recommended to camp in unfamiliar places, as you can expose yourself to various hazards. In legal places, there is free camping, and in the specially arranged places, the prices are quite low. The issue of accommodation is solved, as opposed to a holiday where you choose to be accommodated in a hotel or hostel, where the prices are quite high, especially in the full season.

2. You can enjoy total freedom

Camping time
Photo by Laurine Bailly

As I said earlier, when you choose to go on holiday with your tent, you can enjoy total freedom and you do not have to stay stressed, because you need to look for a reservation and worry about the time of check-in and check-out. All you have to do if you choose to go with the tent is to put your backpack and tent in the car and you’re ready for your vacation. Eventually, if you want to sit still, you can inform where is the camping. This is also the charm, the unpredictability and the spirit of adventure.

3. It’s a unique experience

Camping with friends
Photo by Tegan Mierle

No matter how beautiful and well is located a hotel, it will never be able to fill the beauty of a holiday with a tent. You choose the landscape that you want to see when you wake up, and the song of nature, far from the noise of civilization, is divine. A trip with a tent is an opportunity for relaxation and meditation in the middle of nature.  You will meet wonderful and special people, with incredible passions, with which you can become friends. Because the people who go to travel with a tent are usually sociable and open.

4. A lot of benefits for health

Photo by Simon Migaj

Sleeping at the tent has a lot of health benefits, proven by medical research. When we go to the mountain and sleep at the altitude, it stimulates the body to pass more oxygen to the muscles. This is especially beneficial for athletes because it increases their strength and speed. Sleeping at the tent also helps repair back pain. As you know, doctors recommend sleeping on hard surfaces in this case, as we better support the position of the column, so sleeping in the tent is ideal. A holiday with a tent is an experience that you have to do at least once in your life. This escape from the routine of the city will make you reconfigure your vacation plans in the coming years and include at least one trip with the tent per year.

5. This journey can be comfortable

Photo by Edho Fitrah

Perhaps you are surprised to find this aspect on the list, but a trip with the tent does not mean that you will not enjoy any comfort at all. More and more people have the pleasure of this kind of trip, so you will find everything you need to have the most comfortable conditions: bigger tents according to your needs.