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Top 5 cheap destinations for skiing and snowboarding in Europe
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Top 5 cheap destinations for skiing and snowboarding in Europe

Ski tourism becomes more popular every year. We will tell you about the best resorts in Europe, where you can cheaply relax and go skiing and snowboarding.

1. Austria

Austria ski
Photo by Maarten Duineveld

Austria is a ski paradise in the center of the Alps. The prices here are much lower than in neighboring Switzerland, and the number of ski resorts is twice as high (about 500). Most of them are located in Tyrol and Vorarlberg. The cheapest ski resorts in Austria are Mayrhofen, Söhl and Schladming.

Mayrhofen attracts young people with parties, and families with top-quality children’s ski schools. Söl – the largest area of ski slopes in the country, with the most interesting slopes. In Schladming – the lowest prices for food and beverages.

Prices for a week:

Ski passes: adults – 282 €, teenagers – 226 €, children – 127 €.

Ski/snowboard rental (+ sticks, boots, helmet): 140 € for adults and 70 € for children.

Season: October to April.

Sites of ski resorts:,,

2. Spain

Spain ski
Photo by Razvan Chisu

Most of the ski resorts in Spain are located in the Pyrenees and in the south of the Sierra Nevada. The best of them are resorts in the north of Catalonia with peaks of 2,700 meters high. There is the largest resort on the Iberian Peninsula is located: Baqueira-Beret, with 86 tracks of all kinds, including extreme Enkornacrabes, tracks for snowboarding, half-pipe, plain skis, and dog sledding. The largest and cheapest resort in the Pyrenees – Formigal, with 137 kilometers of trails and a maximum height of 2,250 meters. Formigal is a family holiday resort with wide trails and children’s schools.

Prices for a week:

Ski pass: 243 € for adults and 194 € for children.

Ski/snowboard rental (+ helmet, poles, boots): 126 € for adults and 84 € for children.

Season: from late November to early April.

Ski resort website:

3. Slovakia

Slovakia ski
Photo by Ostap Senyuk

Most of the territory of Slovakia is the mountains: High Tatras, Low Tatras, Carpathian Arc. Slovakia’s ski resorts are among the best and cheapest in Eastern Europe. The best ski resort is Jasna in the Low Tatras, with 14 slopes, of which 3 are of high complexity, 8 are medium and 3 are low. There are also tracks for children, tracks for freeride, snowboards and snowmobiles. Jasna is an international tourist center of the first category, where international slalom competitions are held.

Prices for 6 days:

Ski pass: 139 € for adults, 111 € for teenagers and 97 € for children.

Skiing / snowboarding (+ helmet, boots, sticks): adults – 110 €, teenagers – 85 €, children – 60 €.

Season: December to April.

Ski resort website:

4. Germany

Germany ski
Photo by Inge Kraus

Most of the German ski resorts are concentrated in the south of the country, in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. The largest and most popular resort is Garmisch Pertenkirchen on the slope of the Zugspitze (2964 m), Germany’s highest mountain. The length of the tracks is 62 kilometers, half of which are tracks of a difficult level. There are trails for snowboards, cross-country skiing, as well as 110 kilometers of hiking trails, for which a network of funiculars is created.

Prices for a week:

Ski pass: 268 € for an adult, 246 € for a teenager and 134 € for a child.

Ski / snowboard (+ helmet, poles, boots): adult —100-120 €, child – 60 €.

Season: December to April.

Ski resort website:

5. Czech Republic

Czech Republic
Photo by Lukas Neasi

Most of the Czech Republic is surrounded by mountains, the highest of them is Sněžka (1600 m). The most popular mountain resorts of the country are located in the regions of Jeseniky, Krkonoše, Šumava and Jezeri Mountains Spindleruv Mlyn, the most famous resort in the Czech Republic, is located in the Krkonoše National Nature Reserve.

It consists of two large slopes – St. Peter and Medved. Saint Peter is 12 trails, one of which for snowboarders, next to the descent – trails for cross-country skiing. The second descent – Medved, with 7 tracks with a length of 11 kilometers. The resort every year hold the World Cup in slalom and the European Cup in ski freestyle.

Prices for 6 days:

Ski pass: 178 € for adults,143 € for teens and 125 € for children.

Ski / snowboard (+ helmet, boots, sticks): adults – 80 €, children and teenagers – 60 €.

Season: December to April.

Ski resort website: