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Top 5 Halloween Traditions Around the World
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Top 5 Halloween Traditions Around the World

Halloween traditions have begun with the festivals of the ancient Celts of Ireland and Scotland. On the night of October 31 to November 1, these peoples remembered their loved ones who had retired to another world. Even then, the pumpkins were made with flashlights. The purpose of these lamps was to help the souls of the dead ancestors to find their way to purgatory. In the modern world, Halloween is celebrated in different countries in the world. This is not only an old tradition but also a cause to have fun. In every country, there are different ways of celebrating this day.

1. The USA

Halloween in USA
Photo by Tony J

Americans are preparing for Halloween almost a month before the holiday. In early October, the stores decorate their windows in the Halloween theme and offer a huge selection of decor and carnival costumes. On the evening of October 31, children go to their homes with baskets in the form of pumpkins and ask for sweets, pronouncing the phrase “Trick or treat”, which can be translated as “Sweets or Life.” As a rule, Americans pre-purchase more candy, because they do not open the door on the eve of Halloween – it is a bad omen.

2. Germany

Halloween in Germany
Photo by Robert Heiser

In Germany, Halloween is not a major holiday, however, people start to get ready for it since September. Throughout the country, children put on suits of witches, vampires or other eerie heroes. In Germany, children do not go around their neighbors and do not ask for sweets, as is done in many countries. Above all, it is the castle of Frankenstein, where is organized the most grandiose show for this holiday. Up to 20,000 visitors annually go to the ruins of the castle to be frightened and horrified.

3. The United Kingdom

Halloween in UK
Photo by Julia Raasch

Surprisingly, but the well-bred English people have fun on Halloween. Many of them adore this holiday and rightly consider that it is their national treasure. We remind that Ireland for many years was the territory of England, and became independent only in the middle of the last century. So these two countries have more than two centuries of common history. Englishmen can have profit even from the memory of their ancestors; therefore, in many ancient castles on Halloween, or rather, a week before it, they organize excursions, in which tourists could learn about the ghosts of ladies and gentlemen who lived and died in these walls.

4. France

Halloween in France
Photo by Colton Sturgeon

In France, Halloween is a good tradition. The streets of all the cities of France are transformed into a real fairy tale. On the streets, passers-by look at empty pumpkins with empty eyes. In restaurants and cafes, the stormy festivities do not stop until the morning. In all bakeries and confectioneries in France on this day you can buy a “pie of all the saints,” decorated with images of saints. The most impressive amusement of France is held in the suburbs of Paris, in Disneyland and Limoges. That’s where more than 30 thousand people come every year, that’s where the most memorable parades of goblins, vampires, and ghosts illuminate their way with lanterns – pumpkins. This night bars and cafes of French cities offer “witch” dishes, and visitors dress up as colorful as parade participants.

5. China

Halloween in China
Photo by Sam Balye

In China, the holiday is known more as Teng Chieh – the day of remembrance of ancestors. In contrast to the whole world, Halloween in China is celebrated beautifully. On this day, in front of the photos of deceased relatives and friends, tasty food and water are put, as well as a light illuminating the way of the souls of their ancestors. The Buddhist monks make paper boats, some of these have reached enormous sizes. When the sun is hiding, these boats are burned, so that their smoke helps the ancestral spirits to get to heaven.