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Top 5 ideas to celebrate Halloween in Europe
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Top 5 ideas to celebrate Halloween in Europe

With the spread of Christianity, people were confused: on the day after Samhain, the Catholic Day of All Saints follows — a day of commemoration of deceased people. Traditions were mixed, Samhain was called the Evening of All Saints, and the main theme of the holiday was death and commemoration of the dead. Halloween in Europe can be an unforgettable adventure, after which you will love this holiday. Here are some original ideas.

1. Romania

Bran Castle
Photo by Jorge Fernández Salas

Let’s start with the most mystical country of Europe. In Romania, Halloween is called the “Vampire New Year” and people used to celebrate it in the castle of Dracula. Bran Castle is a truly unforgettable place. Where to have fun: Of course, in the Bran Castle, there is an organized Halloween Party. This year, the Halloween Party  will be held on the night of October 28-29, from Saturday to Sunday. On the official website  are contacts that will help to agree on a tour or even a private event.

2. Czech Republic

Czech RepublicPhoto source:

Czechs celebrate Halloween in their way. Here,  the gloomy Evening of All Saints turned into a cheerful children’s holiday. Matinees-carnivals are arranged for children, they sew costumes, hold interesting master classes and other entertainment events. The “adult” program is in many clubs, but it is designed more for tourists than for locals. Where to have fun: One of the best children’s events is traditionally held on October 31 in the Prague Botanic Garden in Troja. Adults will enjoy Bloody Sexy Halloween party, which will be held on October 28 in Forum Karlin Prague.

3. Italy

Halloween in Europe
Photo by Javier Molina

In Italy, Halloween is actively celebrated: there is organized a holiday party in every bar and club, pumpkins in the shops and on the streets. If you want more unusual experiences, you should see Castello Della Castelluccia. This is a building of the 11th century, which now, after restoration, it is a popular hotel. The owners promise a “magical atmosphere”, and some guests claim that you could find ghosts  in the hotel, for example, Emperor Nero.

4. Germany

Photo source:

For the Germans, Halloween is a fun costume party. They actively buy typical clothes and accessories and decorate houses. Parties are held for both for adults and children. Lately, the children from some cities, like American children, go to their neighbors for sweets. Where to have fun: One of the most exciting celebrations is held at Burg Frankenstein – Frankenstein Castle, near the city of Darmstadt. This year the event will be amazing, so we can expect a particularly interesting program.

5. Ireland

Photo source:

Ireland is the birthplace of the holiday. For Halloween, the Irish decorate everything: from schools to supermarkets. There are organized a lot of parties in every institution. You definitely can’t go to the party without a costume and awesome make-up. What to try: In honor of Halloween, you should try caramelized apples, pumpkin pie. Where to have fun: In Ireland, it’s easy to find a party, but to choose only one. Bram Stoker Festival will be held in Dublin from 26th – 29th October 2018.