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Top 5 November Food Festivals and Fairs in Italy 2018
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Top 5 November Food Festivals and Fairs in Italy 2018

1. Frantoi Aperti

The Italian region of Umbria, called the “Green Heart of Italy”, is famous not only for its green hills and plains, but also for its millennial traditions of culture and crafts. The harvest of olives is the most important and significant period in the life of the inhabitants of the region, when they not just work hard, but also cheerfully celebrate another successful harvest. Throughout the region, for several weekends, the doors of the olive-oil producing farms are open to visitors – the holiday “Frantoi Aperti”, when any visitor can personally see the process of producing olive oil.

  • City: Umbria
  • Period: Thu 01 Nov ’18 – Sun 25 Nov ’18
  • Website:

2. Panettone and Pandoro Fair

The two main Italian desserts at Christmas time are the Christmas cakes Panettone and Pandoro, which are both very famous in Italy and extremely loved by the Italians. Panettone was prepared for the first time in Milan, it was baked in a special form, and it includes raisins and candied fruits. Confectioners are constantly inventing new recipes for its preparation, including various ingredients. The place of the invention this kind of cake is the city of Verona, it is baked in the shape of a cone-star, and its name comes from the Italian “pan de oro” (golden bread), which exactly corresponds to the yellow-golden colour of the cake, that is prepared with a lot of butter and eggs.

3. Festival of Dessert Torrone

Torrone – the most popular Italian dessert: nougat with nuts and candied fruit. The most traditional is Terrone of Cremona, where is organized a colourful costume Torrone Festival every year. There are more than 100,000 guests who buy more than 30 tons of torrone at the festival! Cremona is a city with a unique medieval architecture, the birthplace of many stringed musical instruments and the world famous violin maker Stradivari. The festival hosts master classes, various cultural events and of course fairs, where visitors can try all kinds of famous torrone.

4. Tiramisu World Cup

  1. Select a recipe

Original Tiramisu or Creative / Creative Tiramisu

  1. Subscription

Buy a ticket to participate in a big battle, the result of which will be the selection of a new World Champion Tiramisu.

  1. Registration

Arrive and take your competition kit and start to be impressed: the challenge is coming on.

  1. Selections

November 4 will be selection day: in the municipalities of Vedelago, Istrana, Morgano, Casale sul Sile and Roncade you will participate in the mega battle of Tiramisu, and will become one of the greatest heroes.

  1. Semifinals

On November 5, at 10 am, the semi-finals will be held at Loggia dei Cavalieri in the beautiful city of Treviso. The winners will fight with each other to select 4 finalists: two of the most original recipes and two of the most creative recipes.

  1. Nomination of champion

In the majestic Loggia dei Cavalieri in Treviso, after a very intense final battle between 2 finalists of the most original recipe and 2 finalists of the most creative recipe, Tiramisu World Champion will be announced on Sunday, November 5th.

  • City: Treviso
  • Period: Thu 01 Nov ’18 – Sun 04 Nov ’18
  • Website:com

5. Fish fair

Everybody knows that the Italian city of Cesenatico is the best place for fishing on the entire Adriatic coast. Therefore, the history, culture and traditions of the city is connected with the sea. The best fish restaurants visited by tourists from all over the Emilia-Romagna region are exactly in Cesenatico, located just 25 km from Rimini. Cesenatico is rightfully one of the best venues for the Fair of Fish. Hundreds of pavilions and stalls will invite lovers of the sea and fish to try the best local fish dishes made from freshly fish.

  • City: Cesenatico
  • Period: Thu 01 Nov ’18 – Sun 04 Nov ’18

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