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Top 5 the Best Cycling Cities in the World
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Top 5 the Best Cycling Cities in the World

1. Montreal, Canada

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It’s not a secret for anyone that Canadians are very serious about everything that concerns a healthy lifestyle and protection of the environment. This topic fits the popularization of bicycle transport. Eventually, the administration of Canadian Montreal doesn’t save money for arrangement the bike lanes in the city and creation all the necessary conditions for cyclists. You can take an independent excursion with a bicycle if you have a map of bicycle lanes. In such a simple and healthy way of traveling, you will get acquainted with the main sights of the city or explore its unique natural beauties, like canals, parks, and coastlines along which paths are laid. The city has a lot of cycling routes with 4000 km long, which, thanks to the efforts of local authorities and the support of citizens and tourists, it grows every year.

2. Dublin, Ireland


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This cozy European capital today appears for us in the image of the cleanest, eco-and bicycle-friendly town. There are many cyclists, in terms of prevalence and popularity among locals, they are in no way inferior to cars or public transport. Furthermore, you can move not only along the outlined bike paths but also along a special lane for buses. Not surprisingly, Dublin is called one of the safest cities for bicyclists in Europe. Local authorities are doing everything possible to grow respect for eco-friendly transport among their residents because it is not only convenient but also incredibly profitable. Since 2009, when a massive arrangement of bicycle parking lots and parking lots was initiated here, residents and city guests had the opportunity to ride a bike without acquiring their own. The scheme is simple: it is taken at one rental point, but it is returned and paid for in the next one (maybe even in another city), with the first half-hour being free. The distances between the parking areas do not exceed 500 meters, which allows the clever Irish to take a new bicycle every half hour without paying a rental. Whereas, a traveler could have an amazing trip around all country.

3. Tokyo, Japan

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The Japanese are the fans of complicating and mechanizing everything, so they did not forget about bicycles. At the beginning of this year, an amazing underground bicycle parking for more than 200 places appeared in the Japanese capital. Now, owners of two-wheeled vehicles can’t be afraid of their its safety. After payment for the service, the robotic system takes the bike and lowers it to the free space of the huge multi-tiered storage underground. Owners of bicycles for just $ 15 a month can be calm. For the convenience of those who have chosen for themselves such a way of traveling through the huge and crowded Tokyo, an incredibly developed bicycle infrastructure has been introduced here. Parking, rental, special shops for cyclists – all this here is more than enough. At the same time, remember that the security of bicycle riding here is ensured by strict observance of the rules, with which it is better to familiarize in advance.

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands

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If you decide to go to Amsterdam, you should prepare in advance not only for a relaxed atmosphere and a meeting with the inhabitants of the Red Light District but also for the absolute powerful cycling. I’d like to point out that the Dutch capital is one of the first in the list of cities in Europe with the largest amount of this two-wheeled vehicle per capita. Regarding such stunning popularity of two-wheeled transport among the local population – it is the merit of the city authorities. Guests of the city are always happy to join this extensive community, thanks to a well-developed network of bike routes laid almost anywhere in the city, as well as quite sane rental prices. Renting an Amsterdam bicycle will cost 14-17 EUR per day.

5. Copenhagen, Denmark


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If you decide to visit the Danish capital and you don’t have a transport, we recommend trying a pleasant way of movement –  the Danish bicycle.  It’s so comfortable to ride here that you do not want to hurry up somewhere, especially you will always be accompanied by a large company of similar cycle-riders. This fabulous European capital is perhaps the most suitable place in the world to feel that the future of big cities are bikes. There are 350 km of bike paths in the city.  Along these wide paths, with a little twisting of the pedals, you can also easily reach to the picturesque forests and beaches in the immediate suburbs.


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