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Top 5 Cleanest European Cities 2019!
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Top 5 Cleanest European Cities 2019!

Everybody wants to live in a perfect city! We use to select a few features that we would like to recognize in the city we live in, and one of them is definitely the cleanliness. Also, cleanliness says a lot about how civilized we are. Travel Mode On made a shortlist of the cleanest cities in Europe!

1. Oslo, Norway

NorwayPhoto by Oliver Cole

Oslo is one of the favorite tourist cities not only for its northern beauty but also for its cleanliness. It is interesting as a city plan, crowded and full of museums, parks, beaches, islands, lakes, tunnels, Oslo is visually flawless. Therefore, the main reason for this beauty is cleanliness. If you get there, you will be surprised to notice the complete lack of garbage cans, because most neighborhoods are connected to a garbage disposal system that uses pumps and pipes to move garbage underground into incinerators where it is burned and used for creating energy and heat for the city. Moreover, maintaining cleanliness is part of the culture of the inhabitants of this capital.

2. Copenhagen, Denmark

CopenghagenPhoto by Nick Karvounis

Another European city that has high standards of urban cleanliness and environmental care is the capital of Denmark – Copenhagen. Here, authorities’ care about the environment, architecture, and ecosystem is well established and respected. Copenhagen is among the best cities to live in. Due to architecture, abundant greenery, cycling tracks, their way of serving in restaurants and pubs, but also grooming. Like Oslo, Copenhagen has taken drastic measures to reduce garbage by introducing garbage collection and recycling schemes that make it easier to find public garbage containers and recycling bins. The colorful houses, palaces, top hotels, the Sirena Little Statue, the parks, the Nyhavn district (where Hans Christian Andersen wrote a large part of his stories) integrate perfectly into this story city that the Global Happiness Report from 2013, declared it the happiest city in the world and the best place to live.

3. Helsinki, Finland

HelsinkiPhoto by Tapio Haaja

An important cultural center, Helsinki is a superb city known for its harmonious architecture and scenic landscapes. Situated on the shores of the Finnish Gulf, including about 300 islands bordered by bridges, Helsinki is not only one of the most beautiful and wealthy cities in the world (here are important local or international companies but also political and financial institutions) but also one of the cleanest. Tap water can be drunk here without any care (reaching the city through a mountain tunnel, the largest in the world).

4. Nantes, France

FrancePhoto by quentin

Nantes is also one of the cleanest cities in the world. Located in the west of France on the banks of the Loire, Nantes boasts a lot of green spaces (60% of the city’s surface is either farmland or green space, Nantes having over 100,000 trees), with a reduction in the effects of dioxide carbon fuel at 4.77 tons per capita, with a fully electric tramcar service with an impressive number of cyclists. All this and many others contribute to maintaining enviable cleanliness. In 2012, Nantes was also awarded the title of Green Capital of Europe, the title usually offered to an avant-garde city in terms of urban lifestyle with respect to the environment.

5. Bern, Switzerland

BernPhoto by Joel & Jasmin Førestbird

It is not a novelty that in Switzerland is living well and that this country is among the top countries with the highest living standards in the world. Besides the prosperous economy, lush nature and enviable infrastructure, cleanliness is one of the reasons why Europeans are attracted to Bern. Do not imagine that this city has always been clean and neat, but on the contrary, it is the result of the efforts of the local town hall through various programs that involved citizens in reducing pollution and maintaining cleanliness. The result is remarkable, you will see!