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Top 6 places to visit on Valentine’s Day
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Top 6 places to visit on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is not necessarily a teddy bear and candy. And in terms of tourism – not only Paris, Venice and Verona. If you still do not know where to spend Valentine’s Day. We prepared a list of cities, which you must visit with your loved one.

1. Amsterdam

Photo by Sávio Félix

Runaway from the routine in Amsterdam. True happiness – get lost in the beautiful streets of this city. In the capital of the Netherlands are dozens of locations that you will remember forever.


Go for a walk through the canal. Arrange a romantic meeting right on board and endlessly fall in love with the city.

Flower market

A truly unforgettable Valentine’s Day will make a huge bouquet of tulips from the heart of Amsterdam.

A’DAM Lookout!

What could be more romantic than meeting the sunset with your loved one on February 14? Climb the A’DAM Lookout and enjoy the magnificent view together.

Take a walk on foot

Walk around Amsterdam, take pictures on bridges. Explore non-trivial cafes, try local cheeses, eat a fragrant bun, raise a glass of sparkling. You do not have to think too much about the toast, because it is obvious: “For love!”

2. New York

New York
Photo by Luca Bravo

For stunning emotions, you should fly to New York. During this period, there are many beautiful things going on. The city explodes with love. Everything speaks the language of love: shop windows, streets and, of course, people.

Times Square

Start your walk from Duffy Square. On February 14, there are marriage proposals, wedding ceremonies, tears of joy are flowing, laughter sounds. The atmosphere is so emotional.

Sex museum

Valentine’s Day – it is time to visit the Sex Museum. This is both unusual and informative.


An entertainment well-chosen, surely will contribute to a good mood. Get tickets to the Broadway show in advance, go to a ballet, concert or exhibition.

Cupid Run

February 18, locals and tourists cheer for Cupid runners. What is the point? People dressed in underwear or funny costumes run one mile to help sick children. Sport? Yes. Romantic? Of course. Noble? Surely.

In New York, everyone is rushing somewhere. The mad rhythm of this city has a great effect on relationships. You definitely want to do everything. Especially you would tell your loved one how much you love him.

3. Singapore

Photo by Hu Chen

Feel the enchanting atmosphere of this city, enjoy the contrast of old streets and ultra-modern skyscrapers.

Singapore aerial view

Ride on the Ferris wheel, dine on the roof of a skyscraper, look at the stunning metropolis from a height. Do not forget to take pictures, bring new joint photos from the trip. Every square meter of this city is a perfect backdrop.

Orchid Garden

If you can’t imagine Valentine’s Day without flowers, you could go to the orchid garden. The memory of such a spectacle will never fade.

Zoo and Safari

If you want to get the most vivid emotions, you should visit the Singapore Zoo and night safari. Beautiful territory and amazing animals – all this is really amazing.

4. Madrid

Photo by Jorge Fernández Salas

In the city of passion, expression, and love, do something crazy, something that you will remember with excitement and joy.


Try to dance flamenco just outside. If you are not ready to show your skills to passersby, so you can be in the role of the audience. In many places in Madrid, the locals will serve you with traditional food and will teach you how to dance flamenco. In general, the night will be hot.


In the afternoon, schedule a look at the works of Botticelli, Rubens, Bosch, Poussin, Rembrandt and other greats in the Museo del Prado. Also, you should visit the Queen Sofia Art Center.

Retiro Park

Beautiful lake, impressive white stone amphitheaters, luxurious sculptures, and bas-reliefs. Thanks to talented street orchestras, it is also an incredibly cozy location for a leisurely stroll on Valentine’s Day.

5. Berlin

Photo by Håkon Sataøen

Mental excursion

Walk with the guide through the city. Look at the main attractions, hear the secrets of the capital of Germany, learn its true character. Do not be surprised if you fall in love with charismatic Berlin forever in a couple of hours.

Thematically Pub

Book a table at the Yorckschlösschen pub. There is an interesting interior in the style of the forties, classic German cuisine, a rich choice of beer, but most importantly – live jazz. Music that goes right into the heart is a good choice on Valentine’s Day.


There are many interesting museums and art galleries in Berlin. Choose the direction you like and please yourself with new discoveries. The old national gallery, the Pergamon museum, the erotic museum, wherever you go, your intellectual piggy bank will fill up.

Night berlin

Look at the city when it turns on its lights. A luxurious view of the Lichtenberg district and the Berlin TV Tower opens from the Skykitchen Skybar restaurant and bar.

6. Malaga

Photo by Alejandro Luengo

You definitely will not regret it, if you spend Valentine’s Day in Malaga. This ancient Spanish city will meet you as a family, surprise and, of course, set up a romantic mood.

Individual tour

Take a good guide and walk on the old Malaga. Find out the incredible love stories of famous local people, visit the street where Federico García Lorca read his first poems.

“Royal Path”

If you search for adrenaline, go to the “Royal Path”. While walking along this narrow path in the gorge of El Chorro, your hearts will beat faster than usual, but still in unison.