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Top 7 Cheap Cities For a Spring Break!
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Top 7 Cheap Cities For a Spring Break!

Do you think that a spring break in other cities and countries is an inaccessible luxury? Then we are ready to dispel this myth! Travel Mode ON selected the most interesting and accessible cities for a wonderful spring break.

1. Tbilisi


It’s hard not to fall in love with Georgia. The beauty of its mountains, the hospitality of the locals, ancient traditions and delicious food – this is the perfect combination to relax. Of course, the weekend will not be enough to get to know the country properly, but even two days in wonderful Tbilisi will be the key to a good and lasting friendship with Georgia!

Airport “Tbilisi”: how to get to the center:

  • by train – € 0.16. Take into account that the train to the city runs only twice a day: at 8.35 and 17:40. The train station is 70 meters from the airport. You will arrive in the city center in 20 minutes;
  • by shuttle-bus – € 3.30;
  • by city bus number 37 – € 0.16. The stop is located opposite the entrance to the arrival hall. The bus runs from 07:00 to 23:35 every 15-20 minutes. In spring, summer, and autumn, bus number 37 runs continuously, at night, every 35 minutes. Do not forget to change money. To buy a ticket is very simple, right on the bus is a ticket machine. Choose the number of tickets there, throw coins and press the button;
  • by taxi – from € 10.

The metro in Tbilisi is open from 6 am until midnight. The stations are announced in Georgian and English.

For trips, you will need a Metromoney smart card (also valid on buses, yellow shuttles, on the cable car). It can be bought at any metro station for 2 GEL. By the way, do not throw away the check. Within 30 days from the date of purchase, you can return the card back to the cashier at any station. You will get back (if you have a check, passport and the card itself) a security deposit and the balance of the money for unused trips.


The price for a double room in a hotel (3-4 stars) in the city center starts at € 30.


Tickets to local museums cost from € 2. Prices for bus tours around the city and to the suburbs start at € 20. Georgia is an amazing country and, if possible, try to get to know it better.


The average bill in Tbilisi restaurants is around € 12 (for two). Coffee costs € 1.25, khachapuri – € 0.66, khinkali € 0.16, a bottle of wine in the store – from € 2.

You can enjoy Georgian food if you will go on the tour “Tasting of Georgian wines, cheeses, and churchkhela”. You will learn everything about the production of these products, about the differences of one sort of wine grown in different regions of Georgia, about the hard work of winegrowers, about the varieties of cheese and the process of cooking churchkhela.

2. Athens

The charming capital of Greece gave the world great thinkers and a unique culture, which you should definitely touch and feel. The old town, the port of Piraeus, the Acropolis hill with the Parthenon, ancient temples and churches, numerous museums … You can walk here for days. It’s impossible to see everything at once, but you have to start!


From Athens Airport to the city center you can get:

  • by the metro- € 10. Athens airport metro station is just a 10-15 minute walk from the exit from the arrival hall. A round-trip ticket costs € 18. Children under 6 years old can ride – for free. The trip takes about 50 minutes, after 23:35 trains do not run.
  • by bus – € 6. Children under 6 years old – for free. The fare for schoolchildren from 7 to 18 years old is € 3. Tickets must be bought at the ticket booth near the bus stop, which is located between exits 4 and 5 from the arrival terminal. Buses run around the clock. The duration of the trip is 55 minutes;
  • by taxi – from € 38.

A daily ticket for all types of transport (metro, trams, buses) costs € 4.5. It can be bought at Athens metro stations and in the periptero kiosks. The ticket is valid 24 hours from the time of composting.



Double room in a 3-star hotel in Athens costs about € 60 per night.


Tickets to local museums cost from € 3. Bus tours through the city are for € 15 and more. We advise you to take a guide to understand how modern Greece lives.


The average bill in restaurants in Athens is around € 20 (for two). You can drink coffee on the street for € 2.65, and have a local snack for € 2. A bottle of good Greek wine costs from € 10, and the famous olive oil – € 5-15.

3. Istanbul

Istanbul is a wonderful “city of contrasts”. Here modernity and history are harmoniously combined. Old cathedrals and churches, bridges, palaces acquired new neighbors in the form of dizzying skyscrapers and dozens of entertainment centers. Istanbul is an ideal place for a comfortable weekend getaway.

Istambul build
Photo by Adli Wahid

How to get from Istanbul airport to the center:

  • by metro – € 3;
  • by bus – € 5;
  • by taxi – from € 13.

One metro ride costs € 0.79. Travel by bus without a special card – € 0.64. The IstanbulKart transport card worth € 1.11 will help save money. Replenish the card in a special ticket machine and pay for travel on the subway, tram, bus, funicular, metro bus and ferry.

Also, Dolmuş drives around the city – minibusses that are more convenient than a bus, and cheaper than a regular taxi. Yellow Dolmuş work on short routes, and on beige, you can get to those areas of the old city, where the tram does not go. Payment depends on the distance (prices are fixed, about € 0.79, you can check them with the driver).


The price for a double room in the hotel (3-4 stars) in the city center, with breakfast, starts from € 60.


Tickets to local museums cost from € 3, bus tours through the city – from € 30. You can feel the spirit of the megalopolis and the flavor of the old streets by ordering an excursion “Istanbul from the inside”.


The average bill in Istanbul restaurants is around € 15 (for two). You can take coffee with you for € 2. Lukum (well, we think that a kilogram is enough for you) costs from € 5, and baklava – from € 12 (for 1 kg).

4. Warsaw

Warsaw is inexpensive, tasty and very interesting. The royal castle, the Chopin Museum, the Lazenkovsky Palace, the Presidential Palace, the Golden Terraces … I guess that’s enough for one weekend. And if it’s not enough, walking along the center and along the Vistula will complement the picture for sure.

Photo by Kamil Gliwiński

How to get from Frederic Chopin Airport to the center of Warsaw:

  • by train – from € 1. The stop is nearby: turn right at the exit of the terminal and follow the signs. Trains and electric trains leave every 10-15 minutes. Tickets can be purchased at special machines on the platform;
    To get to the center of Warsaw, get off at the stop Warszawa ródmieście (train S2) and Warszawa Centrum (train S3 and trains KML);
  • by bus – € 1. Stops are located across the street from the exit from the terminal;
  • by taxi – from € 9.

The city can move around the subway, minibusses, trams. The fare on the metro is € 1 (75 minutes valid), but it’s better to immediately buy a weekend ticket for all types of transport – for € 5.59 (valid from 7:00 pm Friday until 8:00 am Monday).


Accommodation in a hotel (3-4 stars) in a double room in the city center will cost from € 60 per night.


Tickets to local museums cost from € 2, a bus tour through the city will cost € 15 and more.


The average bill in Warsaw restaurants is around € 25 (for two). You can take coffee with you for € 2. You can try the local sausages for € 5-7, and pastries – from € 1-3, a bottle of traditional Żubrówka costs from € 5.

More information about Warsaw you can find here – Warsaw – A Great Destination for Euro Trip!

5. Budapest

Another beautiful European capital is Budapest. This city is not inferior to other capitals in the number of architectural monuments, museums, art galleries, beautiful squares, and just interesting places. What to do in Budapest? Visit the Fisherman’s Bastion, look at the Buda Castle, take a walk along the Danube and, of course, admire the famous Budapest Parliament.

Photo by Keszthelyi Timi

In addition, in the city, you can correct your health. There is numerous thermal source at your disposal. In general, the weekend in Budapest will be unforgettable.

How to get from the airport to the city center:

International Airport. Franz Liszt is located 20 km from the center.

  • by shuttle bus – about € 10. Shuttle service must be booked in advance. The company’s minibus will be located at a designated location near the airport. The fare is different everywhere. If you are traveling together, it is better to take a taxi;
  • by bus 100 E – € 2.83. It runs from 05: 00-01: 20 every 20 minutes. The ticket can be purchased at the ticket machine, a driver will be more expensive. Bus 100 Е makes 3 stops in the city center of Kálvin tér, Astoria and Deák Ferenc tér;
  • by bus 200 E – € 1, 10 Stop – to the left of the exit from the airport. The bus 200E runs every 7 minutes daily from 3:30 to 22:59. Tickets can be purchased at the information desks at the airport, newsstands or in the machine directly at the bus stop. At the driver’s ticket will cost € 1.42. This is 450 forint. You need to pay for travel in local currency. At the entrance to the bus do not forget to compost. The bus will bring you to the final metro station Köbánya-Kispest, line M3. From there, you will reach the center by metro. Deak Ter station is a junction for three metro lines, located in the very center of the city;
  • by taxi – from € 23.

A single ticket on any type of transport costs € 1.15 (valid for 80 minutes). A full-day ticket costs € 5, for three days – € 13.5. The taxi in the city costs € 10-15.


Accommodation in a hotel (3-4 stars) in a double room in the city center will cost approximately € 60 per night.


Tickets to local museums cost € 4-9, bus tours through the city – from € 19.


The average bill in Budapest restaurants is around € 20 (for two). You can drink coffee for € 1-3. Delicious goulash costs € 5-7, a crispy sweet little ball or a nourishing salty Lángos – € 1.5. Famous Hungarian liqueurs can be purchased from € 3-5 per bottle.

More information about Budapest you can find here –  Budapest: Useful Tips for Tourists

6. Vilnius

A fairy-tale city, a museum city, and so on is called this amazing city. Vilnius will overwhelm and inspires you. Old quarters and streets, impressive castles and gothic temples, cozy cafes and picturesque parks. The city has plenty of interesting locations. Take your family on this trip, because Vilnius is ideal for family holidays.

Photo by Igor Gubaidulin

How to get from the airport to the center of Vilnius:

  • by train – € 0.72 euros. The travel time is 8 minutes. The first flight is at 5:45, the last at 21:52. Tickets are sold at the box office at the station, and the conductor also works in the car. A covered pedestrian path leads to the railway station from the airport terminal. Go a couple of minutes;
  • by bus – € 1. Go to the center for 20 minutes. How to find a stop? Exit the terminal, turn left, move along the car ring. Walking paths lead to the bus stop. Buses run from 05:25 until 22:00;
  • by minibus- € 1.5 euros. They go every 10-15 minutes from 05:00 to 23:00;
  • by taxi – from € 18 euros.

If you plan to travel around the city a lot, it makes sense to buy a day pass for € 5.


A double room in a hotel (3-4 stars) in the city center costs from € 35. Choose the dates you need and find profitable accommodation in Vilnius.


Entry to museums from € 2-10. Bus tours through the city – from € 11.


The average bill in Vilnius restaurants is around € 25 (for two). Coffee costs € 2, sandwich € 4, veteran (Lithuanian potato sausages) € 3, and the famous Šakotis cake can be bought for € 10 (1 kg).

7. Tel Aviv

Few people probably expected to see Tel Aviv among the available cities for a spring break But yes, fly to the Holy Land will not be more expensive than in Warsaw. Traveling to Tel Aviv is something that you will tell your friends for a long time because this is a trip not only to another country but also to a completely different culture.

Tel Aviv
Photo by Adam Jang

How to get from the airport to the city center:

  • by train – € 3.31. On weekdays it goes around the clock. The break is from 3:00 pm on Friday to 8:00 pm on Saturday. Trains go either to HaHagana station or to Central Station building;
  • by bus. At the exit from terminal 3, you need to take a shuttle and get to the bus station (5 km from the airport). There are routes 475 (to the bus station) and 222 (to the railway station) to Tel Aviv. Cost – from € 3;
  • by taxi – from € 39.

On Sabbath to get to the city center from the airport by public transport is impossible. The only way to get to the city is a taxi. It’s realistic to negotiate with the driver in dollars or euros, but note that a taxi driver can count at his own rate.

Travel on public transport in Tel Aviv on average costs € 2. Taxi in the city – around € 10. During Shabbat taxi fare increases by 25%. Also, there are day and night rates. The night rate is from 21:00 to 05:30, at this time the price is 25% higher. When traveling more than two people, the taxi driver may ask for an extra € 1.3 for each passenger.


Hotel accommodation (3-4 stars) in a double room will cost approximately € 100.


Tickets to local museums cost from € 3. Please note that most of the museums in the city are closed on Mondays, and some vice versa – they work only on Mondays. In addition, the schedule of most institutions is changed during the Jewish holidays, so when planning a visit, check the information on the museum website.


The average bill in Tel Aviv restaurants is around € 50 (for two). You can drink coffee for € 3-4, a bottle of mineral water costs € 2. For € 5 you can buy a plate of hummus and pita and for € 3 – a jar of delicious date honey.

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