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Top 7 countries to visit in 2019 by Lonely Planet Version!
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Top 7 countries to visit in 2019 by Lonely Planet Version!

The famous publication Lonely Planet named the best tourist destinations for the 2019th year. Travel Mode On prepared for you the most interesting reasons to visit these countries.

1. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka
Photo by Oliver Sjöström

Why love Sri Lanka? Yes, for everything! For a mixture of religions and cultures, for ancient temples, rich wildlife, for the best places to surf and, of course, for lovely and sympathetic people. Now the country is more developed and revived after decades of civil conflict and at the same time remained hospitable and friendly. If previously the north and east of Sri Lanka were inaccessible, now it open for everyone. The island is perfect for family lovers, adrenaline hunters, eco-and gastro tourists.

2. Germany

Photo by Roman Kraft

This year in Berlin, Weimer and Dessau will open incredible art museums. Exhibitions and events throughout the country have already been announced. Also, the 2019th will be remembered for loud anniversaries: they will celebrate 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, as well as 100 years since the founding of the Bauhaus Higher School of Construction and Art Design.

3. Panama

Photo by Angel Silva

For a portion of mind-blowing emotions fly to Panama. In this country, you can find a huge amount of treasure. There are beaches of white sand, rain forests and misty highlands! The culture of the indigenous peoples of Panama is also unique. Of course, it is worth learning more about the customs of the locals and try the traditional cuisine. In 2019, the capital of Panama is 500 years old. On this occasion, they plan a grand party.

4. Kyrgyzstan

Photo by David Peters

Kyrgyzstan appeared in the arena of world tourism last year thanks to the games World Nomad Games devoted to traditional, sometimes very unusual, regional sports. The country takes care of the comfort of the tourists. So, almost 3,000 km of new routes for hiking has been laid, modernized highways and simplified the process of obtaining an electronic visa. Kyrgyzstan is for those who like untouched natural beauty. Incredible mountain peaks, picturesque lakes, and rivers, majestic waterfalls.

5. Jordan

The Dead Sea

Can you imagine life without adventures? You should go on a tour of Jordan. Enjoy the landscapes of the Rift Valley, the canyons and greenery. Visit the Dead Sea – the lowest point on Earth, inhale the scent of wildflowers scattered among the Crusaders’ castles. Feel the character of the locals to recharge yourself with irrepressible Jordanian optimism.

6. Indonesia

Photo by Sander Wehkamp

Lately, some parts of Indonesia have been hit by earthquakes, but most of this vast country remains safe for tourism. Thanks to huge investments in new air, land and sea communications, as well as visa-free travel for 169 countries, it has become much easier to explore this tropical country. Hurry up to get acquainted with fantastic Indonesia.

7. Belarus

Due to the weakened visa regime, Belarus is becoming increasingly popular among tourists from all over the world. International events and summits are held in the capital. In 2019, the European Games will be held in Minsk – sports competitions among European athletes. Where to go and what to watch? The special atmosphere is distinguished by the well-restored Old Town. The elegant Minsk City Hall in the center, a lot of interesting art sites, cafes, trendy pubs, and cocktail bars – there are enough tourist locations in the capital for different age categories and any budget.