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Top 8 summer dance festivals in Europe 2019!
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Top 8 summer dance festivals in Europe 2019!

Summer dance festivals are the best choice from those who are looking for fun and want unforgettable memories. Travel Mode ON prepared a list with the most awaited summer festivals in Europe 2019.

1. World Club Dome

When: June 7-9

Where: Frankfurt, Germany

For the first time the World Club Dome festival was held in the 2013th year, since then it has become the largest dance festival in Germany. A big plus of the festival is that it takes place in the city of Frankfurt, so that, you will have the possibility to visit one of the most developed and beautiful cities in Germany. Gradually, the World Club Dome is becoming a mass phenomenon; they have already launched a WCD cruise, a festival in Korea and a winter party. More details can be found on the website.

2. Balaton Sound

When: July 3-7

Where: Zamardi, Hungary

This is a great festival in Hungary. It is convenient to fly to the capital of Hungary – Budapest (to include the link of Budapest city) and go to the city Zamardi, there is only 100 km. You will see top artists on the main stage, also, you will enjoy a lot of fun and entertainment, everything will happen in the open air. The festival lasts 5 days and you can buy tickets for all five days. Prices start at € 70. More information you can  here

3. Exit

When: July 4-7

Where: Novi Sad, Serbia

One of the most popular festivals in Europe. Hundreds of thousands of people, world-famous DJs. It is not very convenient to get to Serbia, but if you go, there will be a lot of emotions. In addition, tickets for such a large festival are relatively affordable: about € 110 for all four days, for one – for € 40. More information here

4. Ultra Music Festival / Europe

When: July 12-14

Where: Split, Croatia

For those who do not want to fly to the States and Asia, Ultra has been making a big three-day festival in Croatia for several years. The concert is always a huge number of the world’s best DJs, a great stage and show. Tickets from € 130, if you take in advance, the price rises to € 200 closer to the festival. Minus that one day you can go only by buying a VIP-ticket. Advantage – you can go not only to the festival but also to the sea. More information you can find here.

5. Weekend Festival

When: July 19-20

Where: Helsinki, Finland

Weekend Festival, compared to other festivals, is small, but the advantage is that it takes place directly in the capital of Finland – Helsinki. In the morning – walk and watch the northern capital, after dinner – dance. You can buy a ticket on the website.

6. Untold

When: August 1-4

Where: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

The largest festival in Romania, where up to 300,000 people gather for 4 days. A great way to relax in nature, and the festival itself is notable for the fact that Armin van Buuren sings 5-6 hours before dawn. The problem is that it is not so easy to get to Untold, the road from the capital will take up to 8 hours, and it is expensive to fly to Bucharest itself. Alternatively, you can fly to Budapest and already there take the train. The cost of four days at the festival – about € 140. More information here

7. Sziget Festival

When: August 7-13

Where: Budapest, Hungary

One of the main European and world festivals. The music is different, not only the EDM, but the event is so large-scale that it takes time to take some time and go there for a couple of days. The trip can also be combined with walks around the city, Budapest is very beautiful. A big advantage is that you can buy tickets for 1-3-5-7 days. Tickets from € 75 to € 329.

8. Mysteryland

When: August 24-25

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Some call Mysteryland younger sister Tomorrowland because of more modest proportions. Nevertheless, it is a huge festival, there are a dozen scenes on it – you can go for a weekend and relax. A ticket for one day – about € 70, for two days – € 120. More information you can find here.