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What you can’t take into a hand luggage on a plane?
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What you can’t take into a hand luggage on a plane?

Sometimes we all want to take into hand luggage the most necessary or just dear things. However, strict but fair transportation rules do not allow to take on some valuable little things. In order not to repack all baggage right before departure, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the list of things that are forbidden to carry on a plane.

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The rules for transporting things in the passenger compartment of the aircraft may differ slightly depending on the country of departure. Therefore, be sure to read the conditions of the airline before the trip. Unnecessary problems you definitely do not need.

What is forbidden to carry on the plane?

According to the rules of aviation security, on a plane (even to checked baggage) can not be taken:

  • Explosive and flammable substances: fireworks, ammunition, flammable fuel (diesel, gasoline), matches, lighters, paint solvents in aerosol cans, alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content of more than 70%.
  • Toxic substances, including acids, gas cartridges, chlorine, poisons and chemicals, mercury thermometers.
  • If you have permission for storage and carrying, then the airline will allow transportation, but only in the luggage compartment, in a discharged and disassembled form, in a specially designed case.
  • Some countries prohibit the importation and exportation of specific products. Before departure, find out what taboos exist. For example, you cannot take durian from Thailand, and Nuoc-mâm fish sauce from Vietnam.

What can not be taken in hand luggage?

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There are restrictions on the transport of creams, oils, lotions, shampoos, perfumes, sprays, drinks, and even water. All this can be transported only in containers up to 100 ml. An important point: small bottles should be placed in a transparent plastic bag with a lock (a zip-bag for freezing fruit or a cosmetic bag would be ideal). Keep in mind that the total volume of liquids is no more than 1 l. If you do not fit into the rules, give your goods into the big luggage. By the way, in some airports it is forbidden to bring toothpaste, so it is better to check this point.

There are two categories of passengers for which restrictions on the carriage of liquids do not apply:

  • Travelers with children under two years. Milk, juices, mixes, mashed potatoes and other baby food can be transported in packages of any size and in the quantity necessary for the duration of the flight.
  • Those who need to take medication regularly. In this case, it is permitted to carry the preparations in packages, the volume of which exceeds 100 ml. You must have a certificate from your doctor.

How to transport liquid purchased in duty-free?

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The seller must put your drink or cosmetics in a sealed package designed for transport. In this case, the packaging should not be damaged, otherwise, most likely you will have to part with the purchase.

Difficulties may arise if you fly with a transfer. Thus, it is forbidden to import liquids in containers of more than 100 ml in the EU if they are purchased outside the EU. That is, if you fly from Kiev to Prague through Warsaw, in the transfer point a bottle of wine from Ukrainian duty-free is likely to be confiscated. If you are traveling in the EU, just do not unpack the package and have a check with you that will confirm that the purchase was made no more than a day ago.

Piercing and cutting objects

You can not take in hand luggage, things that could potentially cause injury. We understand that during the flight from Prague to New York, you can knit a sweater and embroider a picture, but knitting needles, scissors and other sharp objects are taboo. Don’t even try to bring a corkscrew, a metal nail file, a blade, a screwdriver and so on in your bag.

Sport equipment

Skis, snowboard, skates, golf clubs, tennis rackets, skateboards and other sports equipment can not be brought to the salon. These items are usually transported in checked baggage or as over sized cargo at a special price (in the case of skiing or snowboarding, for example).

Musical instruments

Perhaps flying over a long distance would be more fun if one of the passengers played fashionable hits on a guitar. However, dimensional musical instruments have no place on board. Such items must be in the baggage compartment. Some airlines allow you to take small musical instruments into the cabin that do not exceed the allowable size of hand luggage (flute, violin).

Some foods

Canned food, soft cheeses and perishable foods are banned in the passenger compartment. But some vegetables, fruits, cookies, nuts, candy or chocolate can be taken on board.


Each airline has its own rules, so it’s best to know them in advance. For example, some airline can allow only dogs and cats weighing up to 8 kg to be transported in the cabin together with a container. Larger animals are transported in the luggage compartment. Service animals fly free of charge (for example, guide dogs), for the rest of the pets you will have to pay a special fare. The owner must have with him a medical certificate, proof of vaccination and export authorization.

Inform the airline in advance that you plan to fly with the animal. For your pet on the flight must allocate space (the number is always limited).

Toy weapon

Plastic pistols, knives and other toys that imitate weapons are prohibited from being carried in carry-on baggage. It is better to take a soft bear for your child.

Travel Mode ON summarized this information and prepared a list with items for hand luggage: