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Winter is a good reason to do sport!
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Winter is a good reason to do sport!

Snow is not a reason to leave your favorite sport. On the contrary, in the winter it is time to revise your habits and do something new and unusual. What we tell below:

1. Ice Karting

ice karting
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Racing over ice — in other words, Ice Karting — it looks extreme. This sport is so safety like cycling. Therefore, even teenagers are allowed to participate in races. If their height is, of course, taller than 140 cm, also with a helmet on their head. Competitors compete with the speed and do various types of turns. In comparison with regular karting, the route of which requires serious preparation, races on ice can take place almost on any frozen reservoir – this probably explains the great popularity of this sport in Finland.

2. Winter equestrian polo

Winter equestrian polo
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Like any sport in which horses are involved, winter equestrian polo is at least beautiful. The most interesting is that a ball caught in a gate from a horse’s hoof is counted. There is a difference between winter equestrian polo from the usual – the color and size of the ball. It is brighter and larger. The most popular winter equestrian polo competitions are held in Kitzbühel, Megève, Aspen, Cortina D’Ampezzo. And the most important tournament is held annually in Switzerland, on the ice of Lake St. Moritz.

3. Riding a ski bike

If you think that you could move in any weather by bicycle, then the option of a ski bike for the winter is just for you. Everything is as usual – the frame, bicycle handlebars, saddle, wheel, and in front – a ski. With ski bike is possible not only to drive on snowy roads but also to overcome snow-covered slides.

4. Snowkiting

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The founder of snowkiting is Dieter Strazilla, who in the 1970s decided to combine skis and a kite (kite), which works in this bundle as a towing vehicle. A modern kite is a mini-parachute, which is controlled using 4-5 ropes up to 30 meters. Snowkiters compete in several disciplines: free ride, flying (hovering with the help of a kite), racing (races for a long and difficult distance). Snowkiting came to Russia in 1997, but it is quickly gaining popularity among fans of extreme sports.

5. Broomball

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If we take into account what exactly is used as sports equipment when playing broomball, then this occupation should be called, rather, not sports, but entertainment. Broomball – a team game like hockey. However, players come out on ice not in skate, but special shoes, and use brooms instead of a hockey stick.

6. Skijoring

Skijoring is a sport where a participant on skis is pulled along by a horse or dog. Skijoring consists of one to three dogs providing the power to pull a cross-country skier along, with the skier assisting with his power and ski poles. Skiers must have standard cross-country ski equipment, which includes well-waxed skis, and ski poles. Skiers wear a wide band around their waist, which often includes leg clips to retain its position. Some skiers also utilize rock-climbing belts.

7. Ice climbing

Ice climbing
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Climbing has never been a hobby for cowards because ice climbing – requires even more strength, courage, and additional concentration of attention. The blocks of ice, no matter how huge they are, only seem to be strong. Frozen waterfalls are considered to be the most favorite “tracks” of ice-climbers.

8. Ice diving

Perhaps the most beautiful place for ice diving can be considered Baikal. In January, the thickness of the ice on the lake is only 10-20 centimeters, and the thickest (up to 120 centimeters) and clear ice – in March. However, Baikal never completely freezes: there is no ice at the source of the Angara River. Ice diving requires serious preparation. On the other hand, those who venture on it open up pictures of unprecedented beauty.