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Zurich – The Swiss Financial Capital!
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Zurich – The Swiss Financial Capital!

The largest city of Switzerland, the world financial center and the heart of the country’s cultural life – everything is about Zurich. Well, to make your Swiss holiday perfect, we prepared a selection of useful travel hacks.


So, when you landed at Zurich airport, the first question is: how to get to the city? It’s simple! The fastest and cheapest way is to take the train or tram.

Photo by Eric Weber

  • Train: The station is located directly under the airport, it is easy to find it, you just need to follow the signs marked SBB.  To get to the city center, you need a ticket to the Zürich HB (Hauptbahnhof), the cost is 6.80 swiss francs (3.40 for children under 16) one way, the journey time is 10-15 minutes.
  • Streetcar (Line 10): the journey time is around 35 minutes. Day ticket 24h: 13.60 swiss francs (Children: 6.80 swiss francs).With the Zürich Card: free.
  • Taxi: the journey time is 15 minutes. The price: 60 – 70 swiss francs.

There are several types of transport tickets in Zurich:

  • Single ticket – one-way ticket. The total cost for the local zone: 2nd class – 2.70 swiss francs and for children – 2.30 Swiss francs.
  • Tageskarte – round trip ticket. The total cost is 8.40 francs, for children up to 16 – 5.80 francs, the time of action is 24 hours. It gives the right to travel on any type of urban transport without limiting the number of transfers.
  • Mehrfahrtenkarten – ticket for 6 trips (1 trip is 1 hour of the validity of the pre-composted ticket). Cost is around  – 21.80 and 13:20 Swiss francs.
  • A ticket between zones: if you already have a ticket for Zurich, but you wanted to go to the next zone, you need to purchase a ticket. Its cost is around 4.20 Swiss francs between the nearest zones (for children from 6 to 16 – 2.90 Swiss francs). You can also buy a daily ticket between zones, which is valid 24 hours from the moment of purchase (this is convenient if you plan to leave the zone several times). Such ticket costs twice as much as a single ticket.
  • 9 O´CLOCK DAY PASS – ticket for the whole canton of Zurich (in all zones marked on the ticket machines, up to Rapperswil and the Rhine Falls from the canton of Zurich). Valid on weekdays from 09:00 to 05:00 the next day, on holidays and weekends – all day. Cost – 26 swiss francs and 13 swiss francs second class for adults and children 6-16 years, respectively.

Where to eat?

Get ready for the fact that in Zurich you are waiting for very expensive restaurants. And although there is sometimes an opportunity to save money, you need to keep in mind that you will have to pay at least 22 CHF for a hot meal in inexpensive restaurants in Zurich, about 35 CHF in the middle and about 50 – 65 CHF in more expensive places.

If you want to save money, you can eat in the self-service restaurants at department stores – COOP Restaurant, Migros Restaurant, Manora, and more expensive in Jelmoly. The prices start at CHF 10 for a hot meal. From the cheapest – the menu at McDonald’s is about 12.90 CHF with a Big Mac.

The traditional restaurants of Zurich, which offer Swiss dishes, are located mainly in the center.

Legendary restaurant, famous for its guests and its art collection. People come here because the food seems doubly delicious! Here you can taste the most delicious chocolate mousse in Zurich.

Address: Rämistrasse 4, 8001 Zürich.

This traditional restaurant is the place where you have to go, due to Swiss cheese delicacies. The menu includes eight different types of fondue and, of course, several delicious raclette options. Also, here you can find two different types of meat fondue – bourguignonne and chinoise.

Address: Zähringerstrasse 21, 8001 Zürich.

A traditional Zurich restaurant with a long history (the restaurant was built in 1487). It is popular with both locals and tourists. It is convenient because it has a menu in eight languages. The restaurant is a large room, decorated with old weapons and knight armor. So, you can not find privacy and silence here.

Address: Bahnhofstrasse 28a, 8001 Zürich.

Traditional recipes of the Adler family – “Adler Homemade Fondue”, or crunchy rosti – always delicious.  There is delicious and authentic Swiss cuisine. Cozy atmosphere and high-quality service. You can eat a wide selection of fondue (raclette) or meat fondue. The restaurant is very popular, so you should either book a table in advance or come at least 18 o’clock.

Address: Adler’s Swiss Chuchi Rosengasse 10, 8001 Zürich.

What to visit?

1. Fraumünster Church

Photo by 🇨🇭 Claudio Schwarz

One of the most famous churches in Zurich. Outside is unremarkable, inside is amazing: a huge organ (the largest in the canton!), In which more than five and a half thousand pipes, an internal gallery, preserved from 1270, and the famous stained glass windows by Alberto Giacometti and Marc Chagall.

2. Peter’s Church

Photo by 🇨🇭 Claudio Schwarz

Be sure to have time to visit this oldest temple of the city, the first mention of which occurs in the IX century! Inside the church is richly decorated with stucco and carved decorations, its main treasure is the organ on which concerts are organized for parishioners and guests of the temple. And from the bell tower, you can see an impressive view of the city.

3. Uetliberg mountain

Photo by Oscar Ekholm

Being in Zurich, if time allows you, be sure to take a trip to Uetliberg mountain, due to an amazing view. Just imagine: the whole city and the lake are in front of you as in the palm of your hand, and in the distance, you can see a chain of mountains. You can get here from the central station by train S10 to Uetliberg (it runs about once every half hour, travel time is 25 minutes).

4. Lake Zurich

Photo by Rico Reutimann

A favorite vacation spot for both locals and tourists. In the eastern part of the lake embankment there is a park, where you can walk along shady paths, sunbathe in summer or come for a morning jog, and in the west – a wonderful promenade with many cafes and comfortable benches for rest.